Reviewing Our October Training Week

7th November 2018

We held another successful training week at our Leatherhead HQ in October and couldn’t be happier with the feedback we received.  We focused this run of sessions on administrative tasks, property management, accounts and estate functionality but are planning on having another training week in the new year with different content so if you have been waiting for a specific course to come up please do get in touch to let us know on

As with everything, there are things we can improve for future training weeks and all the feedback we received was appreciated and discussed but overall attendees had great things to say especially about our consultant Ricardo who carried out each session. Well done, Ricardo!

Regular system training is vital to ensure your staff are getting the most out of Veco.  We regularly update the system and improvements can be missed, especially as users get into routines and habits form.  If you have staff who would benefit from training but you don’t want to wait for the next training week to be announced or you would rather it take place on your own premises, get in touch with us to discuss your needs on


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