Can Proptech help us ‘plan’ for the future?

31st October 2018

In an industry which is continuously challenged by unpredictable market trends, along with external economic and political factors effecting activity, is it possible forecast and plan for the future?

Many estate and letting agents are seeing any recent and upcoming industry changes as an opportunity, giving the motivation to consider alternative ways of ensuring business levels remain consistent and quality of customer experience is maintained. I am finding that there’s been such a positive spin taken with a noticeable proportion looking at completely altering their approach to what was once considered ‘standard’.

During a recent trip to Leeds, between meetings I visited some agency offices, both client and otherwise. In all cases I was met with a warm smile and welcoming atmosphere. Such enthusiasm was great to see! Speaking with business owners and discussing topics such as; ‘What do you think will happen over the next 5 years’ and ‘How are you planning for the future’  was met with a mixture of preemptive and reactive responses. Combining real life feedback along with articles like below, the confidence that Proptech will offer solutions to business problems are being utilised and eagerly anticipated.

Analysing performance data, KPI’s, bench-marking can be a laborious task, having been in front line agency (ranging from single to multi office networks) I found that collating reports and statistical data was a time consuming, repetitive task on a continuous basis.

With this in mind; having been involved in the design and logic behind Veco Insights, I feel we have come up with a solution which utilises advanced analytics to give you real-time intelligence across your entire portfolio.

We’ve managed to eliminate the need for the time consuming manual checking, reducing and recognising errors and enabling key resources to focus on the tasks that really make a difference to your customers. Critical business decisions can be made using Insights driven via an easy to use fee analysis tool based on your previous, historical data and not by ‘gut feel’ and a spreadsheet.

Have a read of the below article and if you have any questions or wish to discuss please feel free to give me a call.

Chris Reile
Head of Sales & Marketing


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