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Why digital marketing is so important

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In this week’s blog, we’re going to be talking about why digital marketing is so important for Eurolink and why it should be important for your business. As a technology business, we offer our leading software VecoTM to clients throughout the UK which has allowed us to build a substantial client portfolio. With over 3,000 followers on Twitter, we have a fantastic platform to communicate with our clients, our industry and anyone that has an interest in the world of property and technology. Below you will find some reasons why digital marketing is important to us and why it should be important to your business.

Brand awareness – Digital marketing is a fantastic tool for growing brand awareness. Ideally you want your content to be engaged with all the time with likes and retweets, but having your content viewed is still important. You’re able to measure how many people actually see your content as well as the engagement figures. If you’re delivering quality content, then simply having it viewed with your brand attached is brilliant exposure regardless of the engagement figures.

Customer expectations – In today’s society businesses are expected to be on social media. As a technology company, it would look out of place if we weren’t using digital marketing! Digital marketing provides a brilliant platform to add another layer of customer service to a business. Researching a company has become a key skill for the modern-day consumers so having poor quality social media (or non-existent) can show your business off in a negative light.

We regularly communicate with clients and partner businesses on Twitter, if you actively search for your own business, you can find lots of content about your own business to share e.g. one of our partners Fixflo created this excellent feature about us: https://blog.fixflo.com/…

Website traffic – One of the undoubted benefits that social media gives to a business is the increased website traffic. Social media platforms provide clear links to a business’s website in the main profile format but the best thing to do for increasing website traffic is to link content to your website. If you’re offering up interesting content that is on your website, then consumers will have no choice but to visit your website to view it. What’s important when linking posts to your website is to follow through with quality content, otherwise it will be seen as ‘clickbait’. Clickbait is the term used to describe misleading descriptions on links that would leave consumers with negative feelings towards your business.

Show your human side – Digital marketing allows content to be shared like never before. The fast and efficient system means that you can document and share the lives of real people within a business. If you’re a professional corporate business, you do have a certain image to uphold but that doesn’t mean you can’t share the stories of the people that work behind the company name and logo. It’s beneficial for consumers as it allows them to see they wouldn’t just be dealing with a name on a computer screen but shows staff that they’re part of the business.

Data – The age of social media is truly upon us, whether you like it or not, you can’t escape it. There are hundreds of mindboggling statistics like the number of active daily users or how many tweets go out per second. They may all seem like novelty facts and figures however social media provides a business with a wealth of information that can be used to. You can track the performance of every single post, looking at how many people have seen the post, how many people have engaged with it and how many people have clicked through on the link.

This is not a complete list of digital marketing benefits but it helps to highlight how important it can be!

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