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Why collaboration with your software partner will save you time and money

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All lettings and estate agency businesses need software and systems to gain efficiencies, streamline processes and to make the lives of their people and the clients they do business with easier. At least that’s the theory! However in the fast moving world of proptech, property businesses can be overwhelmed with the products and services on offer without realising the hidden costs of services and systems that aren’t fit for purpose.
Opting to collaborate with a leading proptech firm experienced in delivering core technology property software designed for interoperability with leading proptech solutions and consulting on a customised integrated approach will maximise return on investment and optimise efficiency now and for the future.
The foundation of a good collaborative relationship is trust and building trust through shared values. Each and every letting and estate agent has a different ‘value’ and that is a lot to share. So the software partner should find out what it does share with its lettings and estate agent clients and cultivate shared values explaining its own values such as openness, honesty, transparency and collaboration. Your software partner should  research your business, understand how it will play a role in day-to-day activities, and use this information to strengthen its collaborative approach to integrating its core technology with leading proptech services and systems.
“Typically the challenge that a lettings and estate agency business faces with many new proptech applications is the lack of experienced knowledge to integrate products or services around a core technology application. It isn’t until you’ve lived with an application or service that you really get a feel for whether it’s a good fit or not and by then it’s often too late to forklift a move to another service” says Nigel Poole, Managing Director at Eurolink.
“We all need technology to work as efficiently as possible for us and to make our lives easier, not more complicated. The lettings and estate agency industry is evolving and you’ve got to consider the best way for you to stay ahead of your competitors. Opting for a collaborative relationship with your software partner should be at the forefront of your business agenda and in doing so you’ll be making considered investment choices for your lettings and estate agency technology.”


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