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Veco Update – February 2019

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The latest Veco™ update is now live and ready to be installed.

How to Install Updates

“Veco” database updates can only be installed by a Veco “Administrator”. To install an update, follow these instructions:

Ensure you have a verified backup of your SQL Server database.

Backups are the responsibility of your SQL Server administrator.  Eurolink accepts no liability for loss of data caused by failure to create recoverable backups.

If your SQL Server was installed by Eurolink, a backup program would have been installed to create daily backups of your data in the BACKUP folder.  Check the BACKUP folder in your “Veco-onesystem” folder area to ensure backups are being made every day.  Alternatively, contact Eurolink Support who will be able to check that backups are being made.

When running in a Terminal Server configuration, ensure ALL users have logged out of Veco otherwise the new downloaded program will not be able to be installed into the live programs folder.

From the top menu, click “Admin : Check for Updates”.

“Veco” will first carry out a full data backup to the BACKUP folder.  This may take a few moments depending on the size of the database.

Any new changes to your database will be automatically installed.

New ‘veco-onesystem.exe’ and ‘setup.exe’ files will be downloaded and automatically installed as appropriate.

Installing a new ‘setup.exe’ file may require that your PC has ‘administrator’ rights.  If you encounter ‘install’ errors when running ‘setup.exe’ you may need to refer to your System Administrator.

New “layouts” and “reports” may be also downloaded as appropriate.

Each user PC where the “Veco” software is installed will automatically detect a new version of the software and install it.  This does not apply to terminal server users who will always be up-to-date.

After updating each PC click “Help : About” to ensure you are running the latest released version.

Veco Replimate™

When running Veco in a distributed server environment where Veco Replimate™ is used to synchronise all changes made in each remote location, please note that Replimate™ will stop synchronising until ALL servers in the server farm have been updated.


Non-support customers are not entitled to software improvements, changes, and bug fixes, and will not be able to install updates using the above method.

Important Note

From version onwards Veco requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or later) to be installed on your server and all PCs that access Veco. Installing the Veco update should prompt you to install this if you do not already have it installed.  However, we recommend that you consult the person or company responsible for your IT infrastructure if you need assistance in ensuring Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (or later) is correctly installed.

 Updating Property & Contact Form Layouts

From time to time the “Default” Property and Contact form layouts may change as additional fields are added.  If your Veco Administrator has tailored the form layouts to allow for different departments, they will need to be re-created based on the “Default” layout, otherwise the additional fields will not appear.  To do this:

  1. Open any existing Contact or Property
  2. Select “Default” from the department layout selection list
  3. Click “Load Layout”
  4. Click “Customise”
  5. Make changes to the form layout as required
  6. Select the relevant department from the selection list
  7. Click “Save Layout”
  8. Do this for other departments as required
  9. Close the existing Contact or Property
  10. This only needs to be completed once and not for every Contact or Property!
  11. If the only change to a layout has been the addition of new fields, these can be added to the layout manually by using the layout “customisation” facility.

Version – Updates

Get Maps
Fixed issue with generating map via get maps on property screen

Document Renaming
Performance improvement

Resource Calendar
Performance improvement

While You Were Out popup clashes with the GDPR prompt window
Update to prevent the GDPR popup clashing with the while you were out popup

Date Validation:  When 29th Feb entered as Date of Birth
Update to year and validation

Update to when multiple users open the same bank reconciliation
Only one user can now update a bank reconciliation record at a time

Estate Budget
The Estate Budget Form now checks for any missing units and adds them in where they are missing. This fixes the issue and any historical ones where units are added in future years and budgets fail when browsed.

Upload Documents not saving/uploading from the Lettings/Sales Specific form
Update to allow saving to complete

Estate Budget – Sub department
Receipts SLP now checks for a sub department on the transaction to be allocated to and whether the amount allocated is the same on the SLI and SLP and updates the SLP if applicable.

Alignment on Tree Access
Update to allow scrolling on the tree when not previously available

Scheduled Charges – Raising Charge In Arrears
Updated time/date conflict

Admin / Neg Responsibility Of – not updated when archived
These fields are now updated with the new user when a user is archived

RTF Mail Merge preview window renders fonts 0.3pt larger than Word
Document now loading in the correct size

Staff list on email form shows archived users
List now only shows active users

Receipts SLP – lower half of screen doesn’t update

Incorrect Communication details attached to repair

Displaying Less future allocated receipts
Query updated to now include freeholder department

MyVeco shortcuts can be used to bypass the End of Month lock
MyVeco Tool Bar no longer enabled to the user who is doing the period end routine

Freeholder payments
Update to validation of balance to check the Estate connected to the transaction

Recurring appointments disappearing
Update to fix the issue.

Supplier Salutation on Work Order email
This merge field is now available on the Works Order email

Tenancy Offers – Populating Move Out Date on created tenancy record

Make Live on Draft Transactions
When processing Draft transactions, it now looks to see if allocations are allowed when tenancies are not live and if not then do not create the allocations.

Email All Tenants – ignores whether the tenant has moved out
Updated so this now only selects active tenants

Rounding Issue on SLI & PLI

Reversed transaction remaining allocated

Live SLP made CBR by Unknown Receipts when two user in drafts transactions

Powergrid Emailing
Emailing from Powergrids now defaults to BCC.

Form Data Types – Job Role Spelt Incorrectly

Email All Tenants – does not make a note against the contact

Supplier Discounts on AdHoc Invoices
Resolved, issue where supplier discount was being removed

If sort code / account number detail is reset back to blank/NULL – ‘add account details’ only users are able to change the details.
On both the contact and owner form when the user has ‘add bank details’ checked but not ‘update bank details’ it searches for any bank details changing in the audit log and allows it to be edited or not if the field is currently empty (new or emptied by another user).

Method of calculation on the Quarterly Tax Return grid causing rounding issues

Contact bank details not logged in Detail Changes

When entering a new plot on Developments you cannot save the record due to error

Error when using Create one invoice per Tenancy parameter

Importing receipts crediting reserve banks when same bank detail being used
Resolved. to always use default bank

TDS Bulk File Upload Erroring
Amended the timing of checking the TDS site for the results file to extent to two minutes.

Suspense account shows on the Tenancy Balances grid – errors when opening
Suspense accounts will now be prefixed with ‘Suspense-‘ in the Tenancy column, this is picked up when double clicking a row and fires the Owner routine instead.

Directors Email field prevents freeholder statements from being sent if set to NULL

Incorrect Note user permission

Editing CBT removes bank rec flag

Communication details of unrelated contacts appear to be merging
Resolved. – Ctrl-f10 will not open when a communication form is open.

Brought Forward Balance line disappears from the Account Summary statement grid

Multiple Freeholders tick box – doesn’t clear freeholder ownership against the Estate

Bank Rec – batch window ignores bank rec flag

Bank Rec – finalising without Refreshing
The finalise button will not become active until a refresh has been done after selecting a transaction

Bank Rec – Bank Rec difference figure doesn’t recalculate when pasting figure with mouse

Bank Rec – Reconciling after a transaction has been edited
It will now refresh the grid and recalculate when the finalise button is pushed. Then checks transaction is still equal to zero, if not message box asking to refresh and re try.

Email used to email when using the Tenancies and Main Contact MM data source
Change query to use default communication when ordering email addresses so default will always be picked first to give some control to the user.

Double Click on Pivot Grid produces an error

Forget contact – anonymisation where mandatory fields not already populated
It will no longer prompt to save changes when closing the contact form. Have also prevented making changes when using the save button.

Using ‘Forget Contact’ on active tenants

Deposit Diaries
If Responsibility Of changes then it updates the Deposit Release Appointment

Archive Tenancy
When importing a receipt and it matches an Archived tenancy it will now set the Tenancy Status to Active

Sales Offers Chain Details
If there is no chain then the tab title will display “Chain (no chain)”

Right Click Menu on Grids
Resolved, issue where wrong menu was being displayed from right clicking on grids

PLP Payments
Added a grid refresh into the error handler. If it errors, you close the error box and the grid will refresh.

Error when deleting from Works Orders

Calendar not filling

Archiving users that are set as Renewal Clerks
If the renewal clerk of the tenancy is not part of the renewal office it will still display them in the dropdown

Error when dismissing appointment reminders

Error when emailing Freeholder Statements
Wasn’t handling multiple freeholders correctly now Resolved

Invoice No. in description of PLI part payments on manual allocations

Lock view neg work screen
Fields added to allow a restore


Customising Negotiator work screen
Ability to customise the property grid within the Negotiator workscreen

Increase Notes
Increase Notes in right click view

Booking Multiple Viewings
You can now can drag a list of properties into the order they wish to book viewings in

Suitable Applicants Grid
A column added to the suitable applicant’s grid for last contacted

Columns on contact grids
Addition of “GDPR Lawful Basis Recorded”, “GDPR Date Lawful Basis Recorded”, “GDPR marketing Data” and “GDPR marketing Data” columns to the following grids.

– Owners
– Lettings Applicants
– Tenants
– Suppliers
– Sales Applicants
– General
– CRM Contacts
– Guarantors

Page breaks in mail merge templates (RTF)
Page breaks are available when you CTRL RETURN(ENTER) is available.

Multiple docs to notes
Will now handle selecting multiple docs from the dialogue window

Estates Detectors Tab
Added detectors to the estates grid

Email from Works Order
Addition of functionality to allow for emails from works orders

Workflow on Sales Progression
Workflow templates added to Sales Progression

Function to email all owners from the owner group
Changes to Email form and Ownership form to allow email to all owners

Pop Up to be displayed when reactivating a contact
GDPR form will now display if Tenant, Supplier, Owner or Applicant status is changed from Archived

Detector Dates
Detector dates added to the properties screen


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