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Veco™ by Eurolink – Service Improvements

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We are delighted to announce that Veco by Eurolink will soon be making some internal staff changes.

In continuing efforts to improve service standards in respect to quality of project management and communication, we have created a new role of ‘Customer Success Manager’. The position has been put in place to act as a central point of contact for both clients and between the Sales Department, Project Management and Support internally. The position will be closely linked to the Business Development Managers (aka Client Relationship Managers) to deliver a more efficient and streamlined account management service.

In addition, Alice Mortimer who has been providing a superb customer service experience on our Service Desk for the last 2 years will now be taking up the position of Business Development Manager also from the 1st September. Alice will be the principle point of contact for all of Dilan’s existing clients.

The movements we are making as a company in respect to all areas have been extremely positive so far and we hope you are finding that these changes are offering noticeable value to you and your businesses.

I hope you all join me in wishing both Dilan and Alice the best of luck in their new roles!!


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