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Veco™ by Eurolink – Major Product Development Soon to be Released

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As we all know, there are a number of property software suppliers in the market to choose from. Eurolink’s Veco™ system is one of the most popular products available, however has historically been noted by some for its dated appearance and limited ‘front end’ functionality!

Therefore we are delighted to announce that we are soon to release a major update that will not only offer some new and modernised visuals with user experience improvements, but also enables clients to have access to a range of new features and functionality.

We made the decision to make fundamental changes to the product as a result of our continuing focus to create a suite of valuable and innovative products for all our clients across our network.

Our clients will be receiving a full breakdown of the specific detail of the update, however we’d also love to discuss this with you in more detail so please do get in touch!

To better understand the reasoning behind why we have been working towards this new update, here is a Q&A from our Head of Product, Dan Anslow:

Q: The latest update to Veco™ includes some visual enhancements, what were the main reasons for these product developments?

A: We haven’t updated the look and feel of the product for some time so we felt a ‘facelift’ was in order.  Whilst this does sound cosmetic there was also a deeper reason in that we wanted to make the user experience an easier one and provide a more intuitive experience when using Veco™.    

Q: In your opinion, what are the three key benefits of the latest update?

A: The new Negotiator Work Screen has allowed us to really focus on the front end user experience of the application.  Taking all the areas that are essential to everyday negotiator life and putting them in one specific work area to allow the user to work as efficiently as possible.  This coupled with the release of Veco™ Connect should really drive negotiator productivity.   

The updated quick forms allows users to move through the data entry process in a quicker and more efficient way.  This new wizard format is not only more intuitive but allows for more consistent data entry than the traditional quick forms. 

The new Global Search function has come about from client feedback.  Due to the nature of the industry and how contacts can lead to additional revenue streams, it was really important to develop a feature that allows you to search the whole database and also reinforces the one contact/one system concept.    

Q: Who has been involved in the process of applying such a large scale change to Veco™?

A: Our development process goes far beyond our clever developers who write the code.  As a software development company we are in the business of solving business problems.  Taking client feedback is pivotal in solving these problems, however this is often only half the solution.  The innovation often comes from our team at the coal face who are speaking to our clients on a daily basis; our Support, Delivery and Business Development teams collaborate with our developers to make sure we are solving the problems that really matter to our clients.

Q: What can our clients expect from future product developments for Veco™? 

A: Veco™ by Eurolink’s commitment to develop in a way that is data centric has given us a clear understanding that different products serve different purposes within our client organisations.  We have a roadmap in place that works on a planned and committed basis to continually develop and enhance our products.      


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