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Veco™ and Fixflo, a better way to manage property repairs

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Users of Fixflo, the award winning tenancy repair management solution and Veco™, from leading property software provider Eurolink, can now benefit from seamless notification of property repair requests, to help accelerate property maintenance transactions for estate agents using Veco™ property software systems.

The development is available in the latest approved Veco™ software release allowing estate agents using Veco™ to offer Fixflo as a natural bolt-on service to their clients.

“Veco™ helps estate agents facilitate property maintenance transactions faster and easier, with confidence,” said Ariana Louis, client services director of Eurolink. “The innovative Fixflo service is the perfect complement to Veco™. Our customers will be able to complete fewer repair requests in the knowledge that Fixflo has filtered out issues that are an occupier’s responsibility using tools and advice for self-resolution.”

Veco™ provides estate agents a better way to do business by increasing productivity and improving efficiencies. Veco™ delivers a turnkey office solution that streamlines estate agents transactions from listing-to-closing by connecting all parties in the transaction. Now with the integration of Fixflo repair requests within Veco™, estate agents can more rapidly and confidently complete property maintenance transactions.

“Together, Veco™ and Fixflo offer estate agents a comprehensive solution for better property management” said Rajeev Nayyar, managing director at Fixflo. “With this development, Veco™ users can accelerate maintenance transactions faster, it allows tenants to get repairs carried out more quickly, property managers to be more efficient and Fixflo boosts social inclusion by being available in 40 languages.”


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