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Veco aids Lone Workers

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Veco has introduced a new feature, a ‘Help’ message for lone working agents when they are in a situation such as a viewing and are facing potential serious issues.  

The new feature, which is integrated into the Veco™ mobile app “Connect”, has been introduced to improve the safety of lone workers. Veco has included a check in/check out option, so that colleagues can see that someone has arrived and completed the appointment.  

However, if someone is in a vulnerable situation, or feels unsafe, the new feature enables the user to subtly shake their mobile device and alert all of their colleagues to the situation.  

Recent research from StaySafe reveals that 65% of estate agents, property and facilities management have had an incident in the past three years and 17% of companies take no action after a health and safety incident, with only 45% of lone workers feeling that their managers have suitably addressed their safety concerns.  

The survey of over 1,300 lone workers and health and safety executives also shows that lone worker safety concerns are being significantly under-reported, with only around a third – 36% – of lone workers surveyed having expressed their safety concerns to their employer.  

However, companies seem unaware that lone workers are failing to report these concerns, it is claimed, with almost all executives at estate agents, property and facilities management companies – 92% – believing that their lone workers are speaking to them regularly about any incidents and concerns.

Richard Murray, CEO of Veco™ comments: “We are very keen to improve the safety of our users when in a lone working situation, to help prevent a serious situation developing.  

“We are acutely aware that many of our users are on the go and out of the office for a significant proportion of their day. Diary management and access to information is key during these times. If actions like submitting feedback can be executed on the move, then this will cut down on admin when in the office, expedite the flow of this information back to landlords and vendors, which ultimately presents the impression of an efficient agency.  

“Our relationships with our clients and users run deep. As an organisation, we have worked closely with agents and landlords for many years and have developed this new safety feature to help protect their staff.”  

Jon Bryant. Lettings Director of Ocean Home: “We take the safety of all our staff very seriously and ensure we not only compliant with risk mitigation, but also that we adopt the latest initiatives to reduce risk. Veco’s new lone worker safety feature will bring enormous reassurance to our staff and their families. Congratulations to Veco for this excellent new feature.”  


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