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Top time saving tips for your business

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Have you ever worried about the efficiency of your team? Are you convinced that there’s a better way of doing things, but you just haven’t worked out what it is yet?

Eurolink’s AutoMate may be just the solution. Read on to find out why.

How would you define AutoMate in one sentence?

It’s a program that performs all of those repetitive tasks that agents would ordinarily get one of their staff members to do.

Which tasks can AutoMate manage?

  • Applicant management: it can automatically match and mail all applicants on an agent’s database;
  • Renewals process: it can automatically alert, for example, a landlord and tenant about the end of a tenancy;
  • Remaining legally compliant: agents can, for example, automate a reminder to undertake an annual gas safety check on a rental property, or to ensure that a How to Rent Guide is sent out to new tenants at the start of a tenancy;
  • Completed work confirmation: an automated email can be sent to a tenant and landlord on the completion of any works to their property.

Tell me about a couple of key benefits of AutoMate that are often overlooked by clients.

Agents very often overlook the fact that AutoMate can manage the most basic of repetitive tasks that a staff member or two may do, simply because they’ve done it as part and parcel of their role on a daily basis for so long. AutoMate can help to tackle these tasks and enable agents to either reduce head count or switch admin-focused roles to fee-earning roles to optimise the efficiency of their business.

What’s more, we can tailor the tasks that AutoMate manages to an agent’s bespoke requirements.

Can you quantify the return on investment of AutoMate?

It varies on the extent to which an agent uses the program. That said, one client told us that he’s managed to free up the time of two and a half team members simply by automating his property management processes.

Are there any new developments in the pipeline for AutoMate?

We’re constantly updating AutoMate, so there are new features being launched all the time.

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