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Top 10 tips to start your New Year off with a bang!

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1. Re-read your business strategy

You can only move forward by reflecting on your past performance, so a great place to start is by reviewing your business in line with your business strategy and objectives for 2017.

2. Review your customer feedback

The best way to get an honest insight into your business performance is by reviewing your customer feedback. Identify all possible sources of feedback, from your own website to external sites, such as
You should endeavor to train frontline staff to ask for customer feedback on completion of each and every deal. Asking in person is always preferable to email or a customer survey, which will more often than not be ignored.

3. Appraise staff

The extent to which you’ve achieved your business goals for the year will be down to staff performance, and customer feedback will help you identify any issues with this. How has your team performed? How will you reward them if they’ve achieved their goals and those of your business? Equally, how will you address team members who’ve underperformed? It’s crucial that you identify any underlying issues with underperforming staff before assuming that it’s the end of the road for them within your business. Consider all possible explanations, from personal issues to the extent to which you’ve provided sufficient training, to help understand why individual staff members may not be engaging in the business.

4. Learn a new skill

We never stop learning, whatever our age, so consider new areas you’d like to master, or perhaps areas where you feel a refresher course could help you or your team sharpen their focus. Visit Propertymark Qualifications, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and City & Guilds and consider your options.

5. Review your software system

Your business is constantly evolving, which means that your software needs will change over time, too. To what extent does your current software system meet the needs of your business? Where is there room for increased efficiency? Don’t worry if you’re not sure; simply get in touch with your account manager to arrange a time for them to discuss your current and future software needs in the context of your business strategy. Your manager will be able to advise you on where you can streamline your system and build in efficiencies to optimise your income-generating potential. Eurolink’s ‘Automate’ programme, which enables letting agents to automate key tasks such as gas safety checks, is a case in point.

6. Consider your marketing campaign

How do you communicate to the public your business and your unique selling points? Have you used the same approach for several years? When was the last time you experimented with a new marketing technique? Is it time to identify new marketing techniques? Consider these questions in the context of current market conditions. Does your current strategy reflect current market conditions, is it cost effective and ultimately, does it deliver a satisfactory return on investment?

7. Examine your social media strategy

Your social media campaign should be built into every aspect of your business. It should support every aspect of your business strategy and, ideally, be managed by only one member of staff, to help create a consistent brand voice. Who is responsible for your strategy and to what extent are they effective? How do you measure this effectiveness, if at all?

8. Network with your local community

Having a high street presence isn’t enough to establish your business in a community. Don’t worry if you don’t have a large advertising budget, or a budget at all; there are plenty of ways in which you can get your brand noticed, from building relationships with local businesses and schools to supporting a local charity that is meaningful to you and your staff. Alternatively, consider hosting annual open days or evenings at which local residents and their families can pop in and find out more about your business and the services you can offer them as and when they need them.

9. Spruce up your office

If you’ve the time and the pennies, consider giving your office a lick of paint and perhaps introduce a few new pieces of furniture to freshen up the place. It could make the world of difference to not only visiting clients, but also your team. Your working environment should be as inspiring for staff as possible, to help optimise their comfort and, consequently, performance.

10. Commit to a new set of resolutions for 2018

Where have you identified room for improvement within your business strategy? Hand on heart, what could you do better and how are you going to address these areas? Commit to a short, achievable list of resolutions for 2018 and map out exactly how you and your team are going to fulfill them together.

Good luck!

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