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Top 10 tips for choosing IT support for your estate agency

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If your estate agency is looking to outsource its IT support needs, you’ll need to carefully consider both what your requirements are and the skills and services provided by the external support firm. So whether you’re seeking computer support in London or elsewhere, here are our top 10 tips for choosing the IT support company that’s right for your estate agency.

It’s not well known but leading estate agency software provider Veco™ provides external IT support to more than 23 of its estate agency clients covering 43 offices across London and the South East of England including the 5 offices of Grosvenor Billinghurst in Surrey. Here Veco™ IT Services Manager Duwayne Lake shares his top 10 tips for choosing IT support for your estate agency.

1. Know exactly what your estate agency wants in terms of external IT support. There’s no point in just getting a general service agreement when you may have particular requirements. So detail what you want and find out if various support companies can provide it.

2. How will the support be provided? Find out at the outset, so that you’re not scrambling in an emergency. Remote support is a great and speedy option, so see if it’s available, or if a technician is available to come to you. Will there also be phone support, and if so, during times that suit your estate agency trading hours? Find out now.

3. Another of your main considerations is cost, and you’ll want to keep it as low as possible. Don’t be afraid to negotiate to get a better deal.

4. Is the IT support company able to assist with backups, so that your precious digital assets (your estate agency files and data) are protected at all times? Perhaps they might have several layers of backup, providing added reassurance for when things go wrong.

5. Just how experienced is the IT support firm you’re considering. How long have they been in business, and what’s their expertise? Don’t be afraid to search around and find out, starting with their website and any other information you can find.

6. Does the support firm provide additional services, and if so, what kind? You may, for instance, want to purchase hardware and software, or you might want to upgrade your website or transition to cloud computing. Being able to do it with one firm – your IT support company – is much more convenient, especially as they already understand your IT set-up.

7. Location. Although nowadays you can get remote support from anywhere in the world, if something goes drastically wrong, especially with your hardware, you’re going to need an IT expert on-site.

8. What is the reputation of the IT firm you’re considering? You don’t want to be badly let down. Find out for yourself by looking at any client testimonials and talking to people who may have used them.

9. Is there a dedicated point of contact for you, or will anyone in the IT support firm handle your queries? It’s best if at least one person knows your company and how its IT network operates.

10. Can the IT support firm deal with you and your estate agency staff in a way that won’t complicate matters with head-spinning computer jargon? Insist on plain-speaking at all times!

Summing up Duwayne Lake says:

“First class IT support is key to the success of any estate agency and after 25 years we continue to successfully develop our service, performance and relationship with estate agency businesses. This is testament to the hard work of the Veco™ IT team during 2014 and will contribute towards the further expansion of our service delivery across the UK in 2015″


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