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The secret of Veco™’s unrivalled success

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Veco™ is a business tool that estate agents wonder how they ever survived without once it’s implemented into their business.

The property software’s simplicity belies its comprehensive capabilities.

Paul Chappell, Eurolink’s software director and co-founder of the business, and his development team delivered Veco™ seven years ago as a successor to the firm’s hugely successful property management software and as the very first multi discipline residential property system in the form of a single software application.

Ariana Pampoulides, client director at Eurolink, says: “As the trend moved from lettings and sales only businesses to estate agents providing lettings and sales services within their existing offices, Veco™ was developed to provide a single property software solution for all their estate agency needs in one place.”

Paul designed Veco™ to help estate agents take back control of their property software with the ability to bespoke to their specific business needs, to manage their residential property and contact databases in a timely and efficient manner, to enhance their customer relationship management and, as a result, boost their business performance and profitability.

Flexibility is at the heart

Flexibility is at the heart of Veco™, to help meet the needs of today’s multifaceted agency businesses.

The application covers the four key residential disciplines, including lettings, sales, auctions and block management, and can be deployed locally using office-based servers or in the cloud. This allows estate agents continuous access to their property data from wherever they are.

Eurolink’s ability to customise Veco™ for estate agents’ bespoke business needs is one of the primary reasons for the property software provider’s success, and helps to explain how the firm generated 100% of its new business for 2014/15 from client recommendations.

Using its consultative approach, Eurolink’s highly experienced team works tirelessly with estate agents from the first meeting to help them to understand and articulate their needs and to translate these into a customised technological solution that Veco™ can deliver.

Scalability supports expansion projects

Veco™’s customisation is complemented by its scalability, which has enabled Eurolink to specialise in estate agency expansion projects, be that working with estate agents to open new offices or to expand into new business disciplines.

Veco™’s scalability enables multi branch agency and franchise networks to offer every single member of their workforce access to their data whenever and wherever they may be located.

Ariana says:

“The software is fully scalable so there is less of a need for an estate agent to dramatically increase head count if their business and portfolio increases suddenly.”

Automation is highly valued

Whatever estate agents’ size, automation is one of Veco™’s most valued features. The application can automate labour-intensive tasks, such as email marketing of new properties, direct and instant* distribution of properties to portals, rent collection and annual gas safety check reminders, freeing up estate agents’ time to concentrate on their client-facing responsibilities.

Account management support gives peace of mind

Veco™’s client accounting capabilities are also highly valued because of their ability to help estate agents manage their money in accordance with agency regulations, such as tenancy deposit protection legislation and rent collection.

Bruce Marshall, director of South East London-based estate and lettings agency, Riley Marshall, says:

“With client accounting property software, you’ve got to make sure that there’s an audit trail, and Veco™ is very strict in the way that it works on that. The Eurolink team puts a big emphasis on getting this right and it does a really good job of that.”

Ariana adds: “Veco™ is well known for its advanced accounting capabilities. Ultimately, this comes down to how flexible and customisable it is and how it can be set up in an estate agency to fit around its business needs. Each agency has its own way of defining its property and client base and how it chooses to market to them and manage its money.”

Unrivalled team support

Eurolink’s highly experienced team and its unrivalled property market expertise, which it has gained through working in lettings or estate agencies or in other property software houses, is the provider’s icing on its cake.

Ariana says:

“We know how important it is to our clients that they trust the people they partner with and that trust comes from knowing the industry first hand.

“The benefits of this are huge to us and our clients. It is about trust and confidence. Understanding how an estate agency business operates builds the confidence in our clients that we know exactly what they are trying to do and how our property software can be applied in their business.”

Comprehensive service package

As part of its service proposition, Eurolink offers clients access to ongoing support; consultancy; mobile apps, a landlord/tenant portal; web services, including the build and design of responsive websites; maintenance agreements; and IT support.

Amy Lysecki, a personal assistant for estate agency franchise Winkworth, says: “Being able to call at any time and get a response is key. It’s very rare that I don’t get a call back from Eurolink within half an hour if I have a problem, and the team is great in working on whatever it may be until it’s sorted out.”

Competitive price tag

But ultimately, Eurolink’s unique selling point is its ability to offer agents a bespoke service offered by an experienced team without the bespoke price tag.

Importantly, Veco™ can be licensed per discipline, enabling estate agents to manage their costs as they go, plus it can operate in conjunction with multiple software systems.

Ariana says: “It integrates with other systems in order to provide clients with a wider range of services to enhance their business needs. These may include importing bank statements, logging repairs online, digital documents signing and uploading property marketing data to other websites.”

Collectively, Veco™’s vast capabilities are what make Eurolink estate agents’ property software provider of choice, along with the way in which it is constantly evolving to help support estate agents’ ever-changing business needs.

*subject to portal clearing times


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