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The Power of Collaboration

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There have been few topics as divisive as Vaccines, but in 2021 it became more than just a talking point, it became the turning point in allowing life to start getting back to some form of normality.

Overnight, brands such as AstraZeneca, BioNTech, Moderna and Pfizer became as familiar as car brands.

Whatever your opinion on the vaccine, the remarkable lesson that we should all take away, is what can be achieved through collaboration. Previously, it has taken years, sometimes decades for a viable vaccine to be introduced, and so the scientists were very careful to manage expectations on the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, stating that it would likely have taken much time.

In reality, it was only a matter of months before the first batches of the vaccine were rolled out. By pulling together their know-how, technology and resources, the tie up between science and industry was able to develop a solution far quicker than ever before. Collaboration between many different organisations across the entire world, sharing information and successes, saw timescales speed up to answer a global need.

At Veco by Eurolink we have always believed in the power of collaboration and playing well with others. We have proven that we can deliver huge efficiencies for our clients by harnessing the power of collaboration. That is why our software features many collaborative integrations with other solutions such as DocuSign, TextAnywhere, The Utilities Hub, Loqate GBG, Rightmove, Growthmail, Brief Your Market, Fixflo, the TDS, Tili and Ittria. Our development team are always looking at ways to work with other Proptech solutions so that we can help our clients achieve success quicker, harnessing the full power of collaboration.

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