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The importance of Property Management

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At times, the ongoing focus on attracting and converting new business can outweigh the appreciation that the supporting departments of your Lettings Agency are vitally important. The market moves incredibly fast and it can often be easy to forget that the most valuable element of the service you offer lays with your current client base.

The Property Management service is commonly the most profitable, the top tier, the crème dela crème of the product on offer… allowing agents to charge a higher fee for a greater deal of involvement in the day-today running of the clients investment. It’s reasonably common that Letting Agents will drive all marketing and their sales pitch towards this being the standard expectation and primary basis of instruction; ‘Why wouldn’t you want Property Management?’

Lets not forget that Property Management is difficult. There have been times during my time in estate agency when I thought to myself, ‘Wow, how on earth did that happen’ or ‘what can I do here, I’ve never experienced this situation before…help!’. Each day will present different scenarios, some easy to rectify with simple advice and others which consume you with a variety of questions from both a commercial and moral standpoint.

Ultimately, Tenants become Landlords…it’s fact! Therefore it’s imperative to offer the best possible service at all times in view that you could benefit from a future business relationship. This of course can be difficult due to external factors such as people not calling back or awaiting a quotation or access. You work as quickly and efficiently as possible but from a tenant or landlords point of view this isn’t in line with their expectations…It’s important to keep a clear head, with a calm and empathetic approach and reach an end resolution as efficiently as possible.

There are many products out there which can support your business…One of our integration suppliers at Veco™ offer a troubleshooting and detailed repair notification platform, they are called Fixflo. This can provide incredible support for letting agents who experience high call volumes which can avert a proportion away from consuming valuable departmental resource. You can learn more about Veco™ and Fixflo here:

If you wish to discuss this or any other estate agency related issue in more detail feel free to get in touch! – Chris Reile (Head of CRM, Sales & Marketing, MARLA)


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