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The Benefits Artificial Intelligence Can Bring To Business

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Talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these day and as a technology business, we are often exposed to all sorts of different discussions about the subject. In this week’s blog we’re going to take a look at AI and the benefits that it can bring to a business.AI can be defined as the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. These processes include reasoning, self-correction and learning. John McCarthy coined the term in 1956 and he is widely regarded as the father of AI.

Artificial intelligence may seem a scary concept with its increased involved in society. If you can look past the sci-fi stories, we’re presented with a wealth of opportunities for businesses to improve their services and transform how they work. So, what exactly are the benefits that AI would bring?

Error Reduction – One of the main benefits of AI is the fact that it can help in reducing errors and allows greater accuracy through an increased degree of precision.

No Breaks – A simple benefit that can’t be forgotten. No matter how hard your workforce pushes themselves, they will always need a break. Machines don’t need breaks (as frequent as their human counterparts) and aren’t bound by working hour laws.  There is no concept of boredom to consider from completing repetitive tasks which will allow for increased productivity.

Virtual assistance – AI provides the perfect opportunity for customer care to be taken to a whole new level. Customer service is a vital part of any business, AI can be a weapon in your customer service arsenal that you can use to blow away the competition. A client will always prefer talking to a human however AI can be used when a human isn’t available providing 24/7 access. In addition to this, AI can be used to help provide customers with information updates providing a smarter experience.

Extracting ‘raw materials’ – Data is a vital ‘fuel’ in today’s economy. There is an unimaginable amount of data out there and AI provides a way of gathering, interpreting and using this data for the benefit of businesses. If your business can acquire the correct system, they will certainly see the benefit.

Reducing risk – There are many dangerous jobs that take place in our world. AI provides a brilliant solution to overcoming the human limitations that exist in many of these job roles. In the field of exploration (be it deep sea or space) there is only so far that a human can travel at this moment in time. AI and robotics can help push the boundaries in these fields benefiting businesses and hopefully humanity on a whole.


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