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Flexible Working is “rightly here to stay”

The high streets have re-opened, the restaurants and bars have been dealing with the pent up demand and usual summer trade; and the kids will soon be returning to school. For all intents and purposes you could be mistaken for thinking that the pandemic will soon be a distant memory.

Whilst it is positive that the signs of life and activity are back on our high streets, and families brace themselves for what will hopefully be a full and uninterrupted school year, it is clear that some of us will not be so quick to say goodbye to some parts of our pandemic work habits.

Simply put, the pandemic taught everyone a lesson in the value of being better prepared for remote and flexible working.

This has made the headlines recently with much talk in the press surrounding civil servants returning to the office and with the Prime Minister saying that he would support a gradual return to the office environment, with Downing Street insisting that flexible working is “rightly here to stay”.

At Veco by Eurolink mobile working has always been high on our agenda and we have been pioneering technology that supports agents wherever and whenever they are working.

In order to deliver those efficiencies, our approach has been to provide native Apps for both iOS and Android for those attending appointments. The Veco Connect App is available from the relevant app store at no extra charge for Veco users and is designed to use minimal data in its operation.

Logging into Connect, you will find a scrolling list of your appointments for the day, with every ‘card’ containing all the details of the appoint at the touch of a button. Whether the traffic is bad and you want to let people know you are running a few minutes late, or you want to check whether your viewers are on the way, the Veco Connect app provides you with all the contact details of anyone involved in the appointment.

Need to change the appointment or add feedback, offers and notes? No problem! The Veco Connect app means you can say goodbye to scraps of paper and post-it notes with important information that can be stored in the right place, and won’t get lost. The information you input will also become instantly available in Veco to the other members of your team, so all of you can stay in the loop and on the same page at any time.

Whatever plans you have to support your team in flexible or remote working, Veco is the perfect partner to give your business the connectivity and flexibility to be used on the go, from wherever your team is working. The App can also provide you with individual and team statistics and features a handy safety feature, ideal for remote working, which means that a discrete alert is sent to all your Veco colleagues in the event that there is a safety issue.

The agility and flexibility that we have learned to incorporate into our business practices are likely to endure and by all reports, productivity and employee job satisfaction rates seem to be responding well to these changes. Flexible working is “rightly here to stay.”


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