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Seven best practice tips for managing Veco™ software updates

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Managing updates for your Veco™ property management and estate agency software is critical if you are to keep up to date with functional application developments and legislative requirements. If you’re managing IT for a property business without the support of an IT department this can often take you away from your day-to-day agency business as you assess the changes made available in the update, the impact these will have on your operations and any resources needed to implement and train staff.
The good news is there are some steps you can take to simplify the process. For all you property management and estate agency business owners and IT pros out there, here are seven best practice tips from the team at Eurolink for managing Veco™ software updates:
1. Stay current.
Eurolink release updates for Veco™ software regularly and many of them relate to important legislative issues. Appoint someone – or yourself – to be in charge of staying on top of Veco™ software updates and to check our update notes regularly.
2. Get to know Eurolink’s update schedule.
Eurolink releases major Veco™ software updates on the first day of every quarter and from time-to-time interim updates are also released. Be sure not to wait too long to install the necessary Veco™ updates after they are issued.
3. Keep up with regular maintenance tasks.
Make sure someone is in charge of keeping Veco™ multiple software portfolios up-to-date and keeping Veco™ software current.
4. Develop relationships with your Client Relationship Manager.
If you are heavily reliant on Veco™ software do a monthly or weekly call, or at the very least, stay in touch via email with your Veco™ Client Relationship Manager. They are focussed on being your trusted advisor on all things Veco™ and they are always available to offer assistance with technical or operational matters.
5. Consult with Eurolink before you implement.
Consulting with your Client Relationship Manager or a Eurolink consultant will help you understand functional changes and the impact on your operations before rolling out new processes to staff.
6. Test Veco™ changes for yourself.
Although a Veco™ software update will have gone through a rigorous testing process it is always recommended and especially in the case of a Veco™ property management and client accounting system, to install a software update on a test database before rolling out process or functional changes to a live environment.
7. Back up everything you can.
Make sure your Veco™ critical data is backed up at all times. If anything goes wrong while updating your Veco™ software, you’ll be glad you did. Speak to your Client Relationship Manager about cloud and hybrid backup solutions to back up your data automatically, in the background, without you having to worry about it.
Summing up Eurolink Managing Director Nigel Poole says:
“First class software is the key to the success of any property management or estate agency and after 26 years we continue to successfully develop our Veco™ software to deliver the functionality, performance and legislative requirements of our industry.
“Clients of Veco™ software can be assured of regular software updates as part of their service agreement with Eurolink as well as an ongoing commitment to develop software capable of customisation to their operational requirements.”


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