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‘Service Level Agreements’ and ‘Supplier Agreements’

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As Property Managers you’ll no doubt all understand how difficult it can be to locate and retain good quality contractors. With the new GDPR legislation coming in to force on 25th May 2018 your contractors will also need to ensure that they are compliant to the legislation. Especially in relation to your data which they have for legitimate business purposes but cannot retain without the appropriate permissions. We have found in the past that having a water tight and detailed ‘Service Level Agreement’ or ‘Supplier Agreement’ ensures that you retain your quality contractors and eliminate the problematic ones, as well and providing an assurance of service standards for your Landlords.

Eurolink are able to offer a basic template which we are happy for you to use as your own should you require it, please contact us if this is of any interest… If you were interested in monitoring and recording these contracts we have added two fields on the supplier card called ‘Agreement Sent’ and ‘Agreement Signed’. Please do not hesitate to contact your Client Relationship Manager if you would like any additional details.

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