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Project Management ‘essential’ for happy clients and employees

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Businesses must evolve to use flexible practices in project management, to prevent significantly slowing down the productivity of their business and risking their profits; this is the view of Ariana Louis, client services director at leading property management software and services provider Eurolink.

Firms must encourage the ownership and innovation needed to create a happier, more modern workplace. “Having a culture in place that encourages collaboration not only motivates the team, it also means that clients receive a better, faster service that isn’t weighed down by traditional box-ticking procedures.” says Louis.

Recent changes in the firms internal project processes are delivering a 20% increase in efficiency and the improvements are continuing with the rolling-out of an industry leading, cloud based project management system.

Ariana Louis said:

“Project management excellence is vital to us and essential for happy clients and employees. Our ability to deliver projects for our clients is at the very heart of being able to run a successful and sustainable business.”


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