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Powering the relationships between people and property

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Trusted with over 100,000 managed properties, Veco’s automations change the game

With close to 2 million active properties and over 100,000 thousand active tenancies currently being managed through Veco by Eurolink, the numbers speak for themselves. A longstanding favourite of property managers nationwide, Veco has been delivering value and taking the heavy lifting out of property management.

Next level communication

A lot of what we do as property managers, has a great deal of often repetitive, time consuming administration that takes up the space that we could be using to promote our services and expand our client base. But what if your management software could help you to take care of those tasks without you having to oversee them? This is where Veco Automate comes in to support you and your team.

Tailored to you

Property management is not a one size fits all proposition. Every company has its own processes and procedures, and no two are precisely the same. We appreciate that and want to enable agents to form their own processes that suit them. The possibilities are infinite, but Veco Automate offers hundreds of standard automation processes, right out of the box.

Never miss a deadline again

When it comes to remaining compliant, lettings agents have a constant learning curve in an ever changing landscape of legislative changes and statutory requirements. By automating reminders to your team, clients and contractors you can ensure that key dates are never missed. From the expiry of certificates for gas and electrics to regular CO Alarm inspections or just regular inspections, our system has you covered and will send out regular reminders, ahead of any deadline.

Nurture your client base

Keeping in touch with your clients has never been easier. It’s always a good idea to keep the conversation going, informing your clients about changes in legislation, innovations and the market in their area. You can achieve all of this without the need for manual intervention, helping you to provide a more efficient and comprehensive customer experience.

Flexible and connected at all times

With Veco Connect, you have a comprehensive mobile working solution allowing you to instantly manage your day when out of the office, all from the palm of your hand. Connect with clients and colleagues instantly, access information on appointments, contact and properties simply and quickly. With dedicated apps available for download on both Google Play and Apple App Store you can keep working remotely with no downtime.


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