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Post Brexit: 5 ways optimism can lead to lettings and estate agency success

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In the days and weeks ahead following the decision by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, a ‘glass half full’ optimism will really be the only way for most lettings and estate agency business owners to survive and thrive. Optimism will actually be the difference between long-term success and failure of their business in post-Brexit UK.
According to research optimism plays a significant role in the outcomes of everything from professional sporting events to presidential elections. Studies have proven that optimism has been shown to improve mental and physical health, performance, creativity, and chances of success.
Showing your staff, investors, and stakeholders that you’re confident in yourself, your service, and your staff goes a long way to abstain feelings of self-doubt.
So what exactly will make all the difference? Here are 5 ways optimism leads to success:
1. You are the master of your ship – The optimism you apply to your lettings or estate agency business will determine the direction, your attitude and how people respond to you.
2. Stop blaming others for your decisions – Being accountable, taking responsibility and enjoying the freedom advantages is the reason you started your lettings and estate agency business in the first place.
3. Lead with optimism – Optimism is one of the defining factors of success. Optimistic negotiators will outperform pessimistic negotiators. Optimistic lettings and estate agents are able to give their people the right direction and create success.
4. Stop complaints without solutions – Complaining is counterproductive and hurts your company. Ask for possible solutions to any complaint and in this way, complaints will serve as a catalyst for innovation and change within your company.
5. Share your optimism – Transfer your beliefs to your lettings and estate agency staff. Your values, your expectations, your beliefs and what do you want to accomplish with them. It helps your lettings and estate agency staff become a team and work toward a common goal.
“Lettings and estate agents need to be optimistic, smart and professional with their decisions during times of political change and uncertainty” says Eurolink Managing Director Nigel Poole “Be positive when it comes to innovation, don’t be afraid to be different and never discount the inherent value of attitude. Being optimistic can fuel your company, motivate your staff and inspire confidence with your clients.”


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