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Opportunities for the estate agency industry to boost business

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Electronic invoicing and statement processing (e-invoicing) is an extremely useful service and estate agencies involved in accounting to clients can utilise e-invoicing processes to conduct business safely and efficiently to boost business without suffering an increase in administration costs according to leading property software provider Veco™.

Despite the obvious benefits many estate agencies do not have the capability to automate their invoice or statement processing. More businesses can now benefit from the advantages process automation brings in terms of increasing visibility and reducing cost and administrative burdens.

Veco™ provides an automation platform for estate agency clients so that they can provide an in-house automation service that automatically captures and interprets information for estate agencies to build a complete e-invoicing solution which will not only affect the bottom line it will also spare the environment by using less paper and reduce waste.

“Automation will increasingly become the major contributor to efficiency, cost-containment and risk-mitigation in dynamic estate agency models,” said Richard Murray, Veco™ Sales Director.

“When you automate business processes with a unified solution from beginning to end, the return on your investment is far more measurable. For business processes, Veco™ positions estate agency companies to boost business and accomplish more in less time.”


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