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New Year interim software release with deposit scheme functionality updates.

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A New Year interim software update is now available to download which contains additional functionality for deposit schemes and freeholder groups. A number of other improvements to existing functionality is also included.
Additional functionality:
– Tenancies/Deals, Deposit Details – added Custodial and Insured fields.
– Tenancies/Deals – Parameter to set default Deposit Scheme and restrict users that can change this on a Tenancy.
– Freeholder Groups – Added Freeholder Float field.
– Developments – Added Marketing Details for the Development.
Improvements to:
– Grids, User Lists – Changed so that it looks for non-archived rather than active users
– Statements, Bookmarks check – If statements have not been setup with bookmarks the old statement process is used which no longer works so a warning message now shows.
– Auto Allocate (SLP) – issue corrected with same allocation Date & Time where multiple allocations happen against one transaction.
– Freeholder Fees Pending – This now takes into account the last time the process had been run.
– BACS/Cheques – CBRs were being included if they manged to clear the Banking Ref.
– Tax Pending, Don’t Raise Tax Transactions where Insufficient funds – correction to the calculation for the current Tax balance was not rounding so could be slightly higher than the current bank balance and so not raise a valid Tax transaction.
– Statements – correction – Refunds were using transaction instead of allocation date when calculating arrears totals.
– Repairs – error fixed when saving a repair on an Estate.
– Complaints – Added parameter to allow any department Users to be in the Assigned To list.
– Properties/Units, Lettings – Added Let Type field.
– Properties/Units – Last Contact Date was not being set based on marketing status rather than property being active
– Quick MA Forms – Now allows 0 bedrooms.
– Service Charge Budget Report – Added date range so can choose which budgets to include.
Version is available to all clients now to download to current Veco™ installations.
Please update at your earliest convenience, following your usual testing procedures.


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