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Latest Veco™ delivers significantly uprated performance

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Leading proptech firm Eurolink developer of Veco™ property software for property managers, lettings and estate agents has issued its quarterly upgrade of its software, offering significantly uprated performance and new functionality.
This is the latest quarterly approved version release, delivering client influenced software enhancements, new features developed by the Eurolink Product Roadmap Panel and uprated performance enhancements to repetitive routines.
“Delivering the most advanced property software capable of performing to our clients exacting standards is a primary strategy of our development roadmap team” said Eurolink Managing Director, Nigel Poole. “A programme of regular client meetings with our trusted advisors ensures Veco™ property software meets these demands. In this release we have been particularly pleased with beta test results for the enhancements carried out to large scale processing performance of payment routines and this supports our mission of ensuring maximum return on investment in Veco™ property software.”
In this release the top 8 of several enhancements include:
-Improved processing performance for payment routines.
-Improved processing of statements at end of month.
-Mass emailing enhanced to continue processing where invalid emails exist.
-Increased photo upload to Rightmove to 25 photos.
-New features added to the Negotiator Workspace.
-Added Important Notes on repairs.
-Added tax transaction prompts.
-Added next call date feature to applicants and properties.
Version is available to all clients now to download to current Veco™ installations.


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