Latest software update delivers extensive new functionality for Veco™ clients. - Eurolink
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Latest software update delivers extensive new functionality for Veco™ clients.

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Leading proptech software services firm Eurolink, developer of Veco™ property software for property managers, lettings and estate agents has made available its latest quarterly update of its software, with new functionality and system improvements.
“This latest software update features 14 new developments of key functionality for lettings and estate management. Furthermore a range of performance improvements to Veco™ generally will address a number of issues identified through close association with our client base. Over the last 3 months our team of developers has pulled out all the stops to ensure delivery of this significant update on time and just before the Christmas holiday period when generally new functionality can be adopted with a little more time on our hands”. said Eurolink Managing Director, Nigel Poole.
In this release the 14 new areas of functionality are:
Owners Grid, Portfolio Reference Number – display the portfolio reference number for the Owner Group.
Bank Reconciliation, Transaction Search – allow for transactions to be searched within bank reconciliation.
Payments (PLP) Grid, Balance and Float Amount – new columns to display the owner balance and the owner group float amount.
Statements to Multiple Email Addresses – ability to send statements to multiple email addresses during the statements process.
View Account Details – allow users to see full account details with read only access.
Estate Management
Year End – new process to close down and move onto a new year.
Invoices to Accountants -the ability to send invoices for Leaseholders and/or Freeholders to Accountants
Invoice Apportionment – ability to apportion an invoice.
Screen Access – can now be minimised
Email from Notes – sending an email from the notes section of Veco™.
Bank Reconciliation Summary Report, Unreconciled Transactions – new summary report titled Unreconciled Transactions.
Remittance Advice – the ability to display both a company name and an address title.
Email and Print Demands – new option to email and print copy demands.
Supplier Discounts on ad-hoc Invoices – further transactions will be created to remove supplier discount.
Tenancies/Deals, Accounts Summary, Tenant – Tenancy Client Bank is used as the main bank if one is set.
Payments (PLP), Tenancy Department – Tenancy Client Bank is used as the main bank if one is set.
Offices, Office Manager – Drop down not limited to users in the same office.
Freeholder Statement – Incorrect calculation of Arrears balance.
Offers & Sales – Error when emailing.
Works Orders – Added ‘Tenant Completed’ Job Status.
Properties/Units, Brochure Categorising – If not correct only warns but does not prevent saving.
Version is available to all clients now to download to current Veco™ installations.


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