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Is Cloud Based Software the Very Best Solution for Your Business?

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It sounds perfect, but is it really the most reliable and efficient solution for you?

We are in a time where property software technology for the Estate and Letting Agency Industry has become a greater and more crucial part of any company’s future, it has also probably never been more confusing.  In this short article I want to help you cut through the confusion around “Server Based vs Web Based” and explain what each option actually means – in plain English!

To put it simply, as we are all acutely aware, the core components of the Estate and Letting Agency processes have not changed (and are unlikely to for some time yet), it still remains a matching service of “People and Property” supported by technology. However, I think we can all agree that how we offer our services and get the job done still varies wildly – and that is a good thing especially in a competitive market.

In the modern age of technology “buzz” words are commonly used such as; “On prem server”, “Cloud”, “Web based access”, “API”, “Integrations”, “Saas” and “Hybrid”. But what do they all mean and how on earth do you decide what is best for your business?  Agents have a number of considerations when it comes to selecting products and suppliers which can become incredibly confusing and time consuming the more you look into it.  Some are going to be more important factors than others depending on your organisation.

When looking at cost and return on investment (ROI) when sourcing technology it can become mind boggling.  This confusion can distort a decision-making process and lead agents to selecting a product which ultimately may not deliver the value, protection of data or functional detail which they thought they were getting.

Property Software Applications (AKA agency software) can be used and accessed via a “Server Based” or by a “Web Based” format, each coming with their own set of pros and cons.  There is no standard answer as to what the best fit is for your business and if not 100% clear on what the limitations are of each you may find yourself with an even more confusing situation than when you began looking!

Here are a few facts which may help you understand some of the key points so you can make a more informed decision.

Your Data

With web/cloud-based software, you may not have control over your own data and how it is stored as part of the supplier’s infrastructure (AKA systems).  If this infrastructure was to be compromised so could your data.

With on premise software, you are in control of your data as it is held within your own IT infrastructure.

Reliance on Internet

With web/cloud-based software, if the internet goes down, so does your connection to the system.

With on premise software your access to the application doesn’t rely on your internet connection and will continue to work if the connection is lost.


With web/cloud-based software, the speed of the system is only as fast as your internet connection is at any given time.

With on premise software, your connection is always as fast as it can be using your own internal IT infrastructure.

There are countless other pros and cons of each – not least that your negotiators will need to remember to charge their iPads and/or laptops!

If you want to discuss the merits of each in more detail, we offer a completely free of charge consultation where our experienced Consultants will discuss the needs of your business specifically and make recommendations based on your challenges and opportunities.

Chris Reile
Head of Sales & Marketing


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