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Interior Design Tips for 2018

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In this week’s blog we thought we would bring you up to date with what the current interior design trends are. At Eurolink Veco™, prop tech is our forte but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about fashion and style (DON’T LAUGH!).

Below you will find a short list of styles to look out for with a short explanation as to what the style is.

Geometric Décor – Geometric is defined as art based on simple shapes so that’s your circles, squares and straight lines. This type of art is becoming a popular décor within homes in 2018. Geometric décor can often be found on walls but there are many ornament pieces to look out for. You can find a fantastic range of geometric décor here:

“Animalia” – Animalia is animal inspired furniture. This trend may not be for everyone, but it’s been tipped to be a strong feature in 2018 home style. With this type of décor, you can find lots of elaborate pieces however there are plenty of subtle options that will keep you on trend e.g. zebra pillow:

Typography – In recent years you will have seen lots of typography in home trends. The “Keep calm and carry on” kitchen style sign was a popular feature. In 2018 typography will be a prominent feature however the words and phrases that are going to be used will be short and bold, this differs from the longer style phrases that have used previously.

Stripped back bedrooms – When looking at trends for the year, you often see new features being added. This may be the case for most of the house however the bedroom is a bit different. Bedroom trends for 2018 are set to follow a minimalistic approach. This means calm colours and soft fabrics that will bring a modern look. This style ensures that the bedroom is kept tidy and clear with relative ease.

Velvet – Velvet will have a big impact on 2018. The thought behind this material having a prominent feature this year is because of the element of soft luxury that it brings to a home. Velvet will primarily be used for sofas and chairs but there are plenty of velvet options for curtains.

Greenery – Botanical features are always popular within homes however there has been a growing trend called the ‘house jungle’ that sees every corner being filled with greenery of all shapes and sizes. You can find a list of the best house plants here:

Tropical prints – The tropical print theme links really well to the greenery and Animalia trend. This theme features lots of greens and is similar to what you would expect a safari theme to go by. The colours used for this trend are a lot more vibrant than the traditional dusty safari colours.

Stand out lampshades – There has been lots of interest in statement lampshades. Lamps are very important for interior design and adding a statement lampshade can be a great way to add an element of sophistication to your home.


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