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Innovation at the core of latest Veco™ software release

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Eurolink developer of Veco™ the leading property software designed exclusively for estate agents and property managers today announced Veco™, the latest version of its software, offering enhanced design and usability and several new feature sets.

This is the latest periodical approved version release, delivering client influenced software enhancements, new features developed by Eurolink analysts and fixes to minor issues.

“Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and one way that we uphold this commitment is by constantly advancing and enhancing our software based on our clients’ changing needs,” said Ariana Louis, Eurolink Client Services Director. “We want to ensure that our clients receive the most innovative and most stable release possible, and version is a prime example of that. From simplified tab-enabled navigation to enhanced transactional functionality, version supports our mission of providing a best-in-class platform that enables the growth and success of our clients.”

Version features a number of changes to the software architecture, which provide the foundation for a revolutionised Veco™ user interface that enables unprecedented client efficiency and enhanced usability.

In this release just a few of the many updates include:

– “At a Glance” dashboards have been introduced for both sales and lettings negotiators
– integration with government-authorised deposit protection scheme
– Customisable field labels on ‘Quick Forms’.
– Contacts searchable by partial email and phone number on the calendar.
– Audit log is now available on appointment forms.
– New parameters for mandatory fields on ‘Quick Applicant’ forms.
– Student filtering now available on lettings negotiator work screen.
– Lease expiry year now added to sales properties.

Version will be available to all clients in a phased roll-out via download to current Veco™ installations.


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