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How Is Proptech Changing The Role Of Letting Agents?

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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the ways in which we all live and work. While technology has played a part in letting agencies for a while, today, it is more important than ever.

From marketing properties to managing clients, almost all letting agents now use software solutions to improve their systems and workflows. These new processes are quick, efficient, and human-centric at their core.

Technology like Veco™ by Eurolink gives agents the ability to automate a number of processes and free up their time to do more important tasks. Whether it is a back-office process, uploading listings online, marketing or outsourcing, working life as a letting agent has been made a lot easier.

Designed to help letting agents and property managers operate their business more smoothly, agency software like Veco™ can help agents and property managers replace paper processes and increase productivity; saving time and money by reducing overheads and being more efficient. Things that once took hours to complete, can now be done in just a few seconds. Moreover, the use of an automated reminder system minimises the risk of missing legal requirements and compliance deadlines.

This makes the process a lot easier to manage for agents and more seamless for tenants. The agent is still present, looking after the tenant’s needs, but with the help of automation they have more time to focus on the important tasks – fewer follow up emails are required, and more tenants can be managed at once.

This has brought a real shift in mindset in the property industry, for both agents and tenants. For tenants, priorities have changed, the market is now more competitive than ever and everyone is keen to secure a good deal with an agent they are happy with. Agents had to be quick to adapt and stand out against competitors in order to keep tenants engaged. Using all-in-one software like Veco™ by Eurolink has enabled them to work from a single interface and easily analyse data.

While proptech brings more efficiency to letting agents’ role, it doesn’t mean their job is now redundant. Instead, it frees them up to focus on other, more important tasks. Property businesses that have adopted this are thriving because they are not replacing anything, just making changes in the areas that automation can improve. Giving professionals the tools to enhance what they’re already good at shouldn’t be complicated. An agent can understand a customer’s preferences in great detail and work with technology to make the process fast and accurate.

Letting agents of the future will continue to capitalise on the fine balance of automated processes and human touch. While this is the first step to greater efficiency and a new way of working, it is also the start of technology changing the industry for the better.


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