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How Can You Keep On Top Of Your Estate Agency’s Compliance Obligations With Ease?

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‘Oh no, I can’t believe I forgot to do that!’ We’ve all said it, or at least thought it, often accompanied by that horrible sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. It could be forgetting to put the bins out on collection day, checking in online before a flight, or heaven forbid not remembering a loved ones’ birthday, or your wedding anniversary (ouch).

But, when the thing you’ve forgotten is a legal or regulatory compliance obligation, it’s a lot more serious than being temporarily sent to the doghouse.

Compliance & Consequences

With ever increasing obligations, estate agents know that compliance matters now more than ever. If you miss some of your compliance obligations, certification requirement or important dates you could face whopping fines, compensation claims, a bucketful of stress and in some extreme cases, criminal proceedings.

Making sure you complete all your important tasks and responsibilities on time doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing rollercoaster of remembrance.

Help Is Here

Clients who use Veco™ by Eurolink can easily set up regular reports to inform staff and their clients of upcoming, pending, outstanding or urgent issues that need addressing. These automated reminders spark action and communication. Of course, you could keep relying on paper diaries, Excel spreadsheets and lots of little post-it notes plastered around the office, but those have major flaws and margin for error.

Here’s how our software improves compliance, communication and cooperation.

  • With an easy to use automated reminder system, the risks of missing legal requirements and compliance deadlines are greatly reduced.
  • By having a clear timeline and dated record of your interactions with clients and your team, the chances of things being forgotten are a lot lower.
  • Veco™ by Eurolink establishes a far more secure admin system which places ownership and responsibility with your team. This ensures data entry is comprehensive, reports are completed accurately, and that tasks get done.
  • With regular legal updates, our software supports best practice and compliance with all government or regulatory legislations.
  • Veco™ by Eurolink can automate the transfer of documentation. For example, when new certificates are done for a property they can be automatically emailed to the landlord and tenant for compliance.
  • The software will not let you proceed without compliance requirements having been completed and cannot be overwritten.

We live in an age of information overload, much of it trivial, unhelpful and easy-to-dismiss.

But when it comes to compliance, it’s important for your business’ future and your peace of mind that you have a system in place which takes the pressure off and gets everything done, on time, every time.


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