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Housing Complaints Resolution Service

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In January 2019 a new Housing Complaints Resolution Service was announced for the entire housing market by the Communities Secretary, The Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP.

Estate and Lettings Agents have had a legal requirement to join a redress scheme for many years and the legislation will now apply to landlords as well, regardless of whether they use a letting agent or run their portfolio through a limited company.

There will be a fine of £5,000 for those who fail to do so.


Dissatisfied homeowners and tenants will have simple and quick access to help when things go wrong, thanks to new plans announced on the 24th January.

From broken boilers to cracks in the wall, the new Housing Complaints Resolution Service will potentially help millions by providing a straightforward way of getting help when faced with unresolved disputes about problems with their home – such as repairs and maintenance.

Establishing a single housing complaints service for all residents – no matter whether they rent or own their home – will prevent people from battling with their landlord or builder to resolve issues on their own and make it easier to claim compensation where it’s owed.


Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP, said:

“Creating a housing market that works for everyone isn’t just about building homes – it’s about ensuring people can get the help they need when something goes wrong.

“But all too often the process can be confusing and overly bureaucratic, leaving many homeowners and tenants feeling like there is nowhere to go in the event of problems with their home.

“The proposals I have announced today will help ensure all residents are able to access help when they need it, so disputes can be resolved faster, and people can get compensation where it’s owed.”

Currently, the housing complaints system is confusing – there are multiple complaint bodies covering the housing market, and membership of redress schemes is compulsory for some tenures but not others.

Paul Shamplina, founder of Landlord Action says:

“For the first time ever, private landlords will be legally required to join a housing redress scheme. Personally, I think this is a really positive step, not only in boosting protection for millions of renters across the country but also for recognising ‘landlording’ as the professional business that it should be.

It will encourage landlords to focus on customer service and building relationships, as well as the quality of their properties, help to professionalise the industry and provide a level playing field for landlords and tenants.”

The Housing Complaints Resolution Service will be developed with a new Redress Reform Working Group made up of representatives from across the sector, working with industry and consumers.  The date of the implementation will be announced shortly, but is likely to be implemented at the earliest opportunity.

For further information contact:

Office address and general enquiries

2 Marsham Street



Online enquiry form: http://forms.communities.gov.uk/

General enquiries: please use this number if you are a member of the public 030 3444 0000.


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