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Has your technology worked out how YOU operate?

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This question came up at a recent proptech innovation meeting at software services provider Eurolink and with all the talk of artificial intelligence the answer may not be that far off. Before we know it our technology will know how we want to operate before we do!

But what about today? Do you employ technology to take on tasks previously handled by your staff?

Over the last few years, automation has become part of our daily lives paying for services and goods online or transferring money via handheld devices without going into a bank. We’re not surprised when we hear that in a few short years cars will drive themselves and robots will be doing our household chores.

Automation will continue to dominate our lives and for letting and estate agencies automation will continue to increase, boosting productivity and convenience. The most significant development automation allows is the ability to organise large volumes of data into actionable communications. The reality is that with increased compliance and legislation letting and estate agency staff are engaged in activities that are on some level routine, repetitive and predictable. By absorbing the routine aspects of their jobs they are freed up to become more creative and to nurture even closer relationships with their clients.


“Letting and estate agency involves a high degree of personal interaction” says Eurolink Managing Director Nigel Poole. “Repetitive processes whether its chasing rent arrears or sending property alerts by text or email diminish the amount of time we spend with our clients, the people ultimately responsible for our revenues.

“We may not yet have technology that knows how we want to operate but with automation we do have technology we can tell how we want to work. Automation provides the prospect of higher service levels, a better more creative working environment, a fast return on investment and together with measurable savings what letting or estate agent would argue against adopting this technology?”.


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