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Five more money making tips every agent should know

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As we explained last week, Eurolink works hard to forge relationships with third party providers that help save you money. Its longstanding relationship with the utility supplier Spark Energy, and its decision to integrate through data feeds from Eurolink’s market leading property management software, Veco™, is another case in point.

Here are five things you need to know about Spark Energy:

  1. Spark Energy offers a unique selling point

Imagine being able to offer tenants a property in which all energy services are already set up when they move in. The service, which is offered by multi-utility service provider, Spark Energy, creates a unique selling point for agents, which is particularly attractive for firms in areas such as London, who are struggling to shift units because of continued downward pressure on rental values.

  1. Spark Energy offers competitive prices and flexibility

Spark Energy has a price promise committed to offering customers a joining tariff that is cheaper than the average standard tariff offered by the UK’s big six utility providers. Tenants can pick and mix the services they require from Spark Energy, which they can buy at any stage of their tenancy and importantly, they can easily switch providers if they so wish to do so.

  1. The service saves you time

Spark Energy is run by chief executive and co-founder, Chris Gauld, whose experience in the lettings industry taught him a thing or two about the importance of freeing up agents’ time to concentrate on income-generating tasks. Consequently, the provider strives to offer competitive prices to tenants, plus it manages all services it sets up for a property on behalf of agents and their clients, removing all the admin in the process thanks to its dedicated partner management team. Agents simply have to inform the provider via automated data feeds of the tenancy dates relating to each property and it takes it from there.

  1. The service is user friendly

Tenants can manage the services they use through Spark Energy on a 24/7 basis via their mobile phone, which can include anything from checking their account to inputting a meter reading. An online chat function is also available.

  1. Spark Energy makes you money

Agents receive an administration fee for each service a tenant uses through Spark, plus an anniversary fee for each year that the service is live thereafter, so what’s not to like?


Did you know…?

  • Consumers are feeling more confident about their energy bills in 2017 (56%) compared with 2016 (50%), partly because more people have switched providers.
  • Almost all (83%) of customers who switched supplier are saving money as a result.
  • The most common switching method is through a third party service.
  • But almost a quarter (23%) of respondents have not engaged in the energy market because they consider it to be too much hassle or too complex.
  • Of those who do, 49% discovered deals using a price comparison site.


Source: Consumer engagement in the energy market 2017, GfK UK Social Research on behalf of Ofgem, September 2017

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