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Five money saving tips every agent should know

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Eurolink works to hard to forge relationships with third party providers that help save you money. Its longstanding relationship with the tenant reporting software provider Fixflo, and its decision to integrate it into Eurolink’s market leading property management software, Veco, is a case in point.

Here are five things you need to know about Fixflo:

  1. Fixflo saves you time

Fixflo is the answer to the prayers of any savvy letting agent, block manager and commercial business that want to focus on income-generating tasks, rather than spending endless hours on the phone trying to resolve tenants’ repair issues.

The business offers agents a 24/7 online reporting tool to enable tenants to report repairs, so that they can be easily and quickly dealt with.

To use the tool, a tenant simply has to click on the relevant picture displayed in an extensive menu of options (fire, gas, bathroom and toilet, kitchen, water and leaks etc), input the exact issue using text and images where required, and then submit their completed form through the system.

The form is then forwarded to the relevant property manager, who is able to fully brief a contractor about the required repair and have it resolved as quickly as possible.

The majority of repairs, from being reported to resolved through the Fixflo system, are dealt with within 30 minutes to an hour. Consequently, agents have an estimated 30% more time to concentrate on income-generating business.

  1. Fixflo helps you to remain compliant

Fixflo boasts a scheduling tool that enables agents to schedule legally required tasks, such as gas safety checks for the entire year, leaving them to concentrate on the income-generating business that enables them to survive.

Furthermore, the software stores all reported jobs, offering agents a continuous audit trail for their clients.

  1. The software is incredibly user friendly

Not only does the reporting tool translate uploaded jobs into more than 40 languages, it’s picture-based, which means that tenants can upload a comprehensive visual guide to the issue at hand, enabling relevant contractors to provide a resolution in an acceptable timeframe.

  1. There’s an in-built self-help troubleshooting tool

The system activates useful pop-ups with repair suggestions that tenants can try themselves to remedy their repair issues, where it is safe for them to do so.

  1. Fixflo helps agents to retain clients

More than one third (40%) of agents know a landlord who has changed agency because of a repairs issue, which is why it’s in agents’ best interest to use a dedicated reporting tool, like Fixflo, to help manage clients’ property portfolios. More than a third (39%) of Fixflo’s repair reports were sent outside of office hours in 2017, hence the tool’s importance

Did you know…?

  • The top three common repair issues to be reported through Fixflo relate to: ovens, water leaks and boilers.
  • The five most common non-English languages used within the system are: Polish, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian and Italian.
  • November is the month in which the most number of repairs is made.
  • Requests for adequate response evidence are increasing.
  • Agents using repair reporting systems are more confident in their ability to be successful, more efficient, and can manage more properties.

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