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Eurolink unveils video content and new look for its website

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Leading PropTech firm Eurolink has unveiled a new look for its website, with the next phase of a rolling programme of innovative changes.

The new look includes higher profile promotion of a new embedded video service, extra emphasis around news and wider page designs.


The embedded media player puts Eurolink’s video and audio at the heart of its website. Users can now watch video on landing and within content pages rather than in a separate pop-up window.

Visitors to the Eurolink website can expect further content to come as the website evolves and develops over time. The firm is putting together further detail for Veco™ along with other services such as website design and development and IT enterprise networking solutions.

While it won’t win any Oscars the promotional video was shot with a single DSLR in a makeshift studio at the Eurolink offices with the Eurolink’s very own Sales Manager Tara Sparrow!

Matthew Dreyer, Head of Web Development at Eurolink said: “This is the start of a rolling programme to refresh our site and introduce exciting new video production, designs and features across our website.

“We opted to embed the video using YouTube because of the obvious instant social media and SEO wins that come with using the third most popular website on the planet/Internet. The other bonus is that YouTube handles the video conversion and scaling to optimise the media playback for a wide range of devices, preferring HTML5 where possible. This is an important aspect to the website as we continue to following responsive web design (RWD) principles throughout the process.


“All the website changes are focused on showcasing our Veco™ product and aligned services, underlining our reputation for outstanding property software, first class project management, data migration and brilliant support service from our client service personnel.”


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