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Our ultimate goal is to build APIs which will allow any third party supplier to integrate with our Veco product range. This is no small feat given the diversity of products, services, platforms, apps and software in the PropTech space.

We think integration is the way forward. We have often been asked why we don’t provide referencing, repair reporting and digital signature products (to give a few examples) and the answer is we could, but we chose to specialise in core agency functions where we have extensive experience and knowledge and focus on delivering a database from which integrations can help monetise data and add further efficiencies to our clients’ businesses.

Our clients can choose from a range of utility and media providers to automate daily data exchanges of move in / move out information, and given that GDPR will have been considered, this presents the partner company the opportunity to assist Tenants with new connections to Gas and Electricity, creating the commercial partnership, as well as assist with Water and Local Authority administration.

With the impeding tenant fee ban it is important that all industry suppliers focus on efficiencies, particularly surrounding Tenant’s and the service levels that will continue to be expected with or without a fee. Taking a few examples:

We integrate with DocuSign, an electronic signature can save time and resource by reducing the administration around gathering the necessary parties to sign relevant documents. There is no need to restrict this to office hours and therefore also cuts the hassle factor out completely for all parties.

We also integrate with Van Mildert, the well-known reference provider. By giving direct access to the Van Mildert platform from within the Veco Software and cutting down on duplicated data entry, it delivers both efficiency and data accuracy improvements.

Fixflo, the tenant repair reporting tool, who have gained significant market share in their relatively short time in our sector, is an integration which offers many obvious benefits to tenants but the results we are seeing result in up to 43% less repairs being reported by phone or email. The added benefit to this is that the repairs are reported accurately with many already diagnosed. Through integration, Works Orders can be prepopulated with details of the repair as well as the contact and property details. We were one of the first software companies to integrate with Fixflo and the partnership has proved to be a success providing huge benefits and efficiencies to our mutual clients.

If you are a supplier and would like to speak to us about integration please contact and we will get in touch to discus options.

If you are a client interested in adding efficiency to your business or if you are interested in talking to us about software, please contact

We look forward to hearing from you.


Written by Richard Murray, CEO



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