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Eurolink highlights importance of data backup and recovery

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Eurolink, leader in providing technology solutions to estate agents and property managers, today announced that its IT Support division is reminding companies about the importance of data backup and recovery.

Based on findings from its own surveys, Eurolink is highlighting three key recommendations that organisations should consider when backing up their data.Results from Eurolink’s recent survey on backups show that organisations are beginning to take heed of the importance of data recovery. With this encouraging news Eurolink is highlighting the three essentials for implementing a successful data backup and recovery solution:

1. Security

An organisation’s data is one of its most valuable assets. The security of data in a backup, both in transit and in storage, is just as critical as the security of data in a local environment. Consider a backup solution that is:

– ITIL® certified, a comprehensive set of best practices for IT Service Management
– Compliant with regulatory requirements, such as the Data Protection Act, FSA, PCI and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
– Transferred from source to destination with high level encryption
– Stored in a certified and secure data centre with a high level of redundancy

2. Recoverability

To increase the likelihood of recovering data after loss, a backup solution should be automated, and should proactively assess the consistency and accuracy of all data. Consider a solution that includes:

– Automatic scheduled backups with daily reports
– Autonomic healing and proactive monitoring to heal any corrupted data
– Multiple types of data checks to safeguard the integrity of data

3. Mobility

Today’s mobile workforce is creating massive amounts of corporate data, but is this data being protected? Implementing a backup solution that can carry the organisation’s data governance policies to all endpoint devices is critical. Consider a backup solution that can:

– Backup enterprise data residing outside internal networks in mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones
– Protect against enterprise data loss on damaged, lost or stolen mobile devices

“With industry stats indicating the vast majority of companies will experience some sort of data loss each year, it’s critical to ensure your data is backed up and that your backups are fully recoverable,” says Duwayne Lake, IT Manager at Eurolink. “In our own surveys, more than 80 per cent of respondents told us that they have had to recover data from a backup – and of those, 37 per cent experienced a recovery failure of some description. This high failure rate is completely preventable. We believe that a good backup plan is continuous, which is why we always recommend a tried, tested and trusted solution.”


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