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Eurolink embarks on acquisition trail

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Eurolink has acquired the Agent software business of MSG as part of its long-term strategy to become estate and letting agents’ software provider of choice.

The acquisition will see 25 estate management and lettings agents join Eurolink’s rapidly expanding client base.

More than 2,500 agents managing over 500,000 property owners within the UK residential property, social housing and financial markets use Eurolink’s premium, integrated software system, Veco™.

Newly-acquired agents can choose to continue using their existing MSG software, or to migrate onto Veco™ with the support of Eurolink’s highly professional and experienced client support team.

All Eurolink clients will also benefit from the programming excellence of MSG’s lead developer, Sunil Idnani, whom Eurolink has acquired as part of the deal, further bolstering the firm’s unrivalled technological nous.

Eurolink is in the throes of creating a bespoke migration package that allows its newly-acquired agents to exploit Veco™’s sophisticated interfaces, scalability and ease of modification, as well as to access some of the exciting new products and services currently under development.

Nigel Poole, director at Eurolink, says: “This is great news for our newly-acquired agents, who have the opportunity to benefit from our unrivalled client proposition, which combines cutting edge technology with a highly professional client support team that fully understands the nuances and challenges of operating in the UK’s highly-competitive property market.

“It is also great news for our existing clients, who will greatly benefit from the expertise of our new programmer, Sunil Idnani, who is helping us to develop yet more products and services to help us secure our position as estate and letting agents’ software provider of choice.

“Our acquisition trail is designed to help us find quality software businesses that help us to achieve this goal.”

Please phone Nigel Poole on 07919 277226 to discuss future acquisition opportunities in confidence, and to find out more details about Eurolink’s products and services, including Veco™.


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