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The top 10 Veco™ property software Easter eggs

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Like most people at this time of year the team at leading proptech firm Eurolink are partial to chocolate eggs, but in our world the best Easter eggs aren’t wrapped in glittery foil and stuffed with sweet treats – they’re the undocumented and unexpected fun and practical features hidden deep inside the Veco™ property software application. While new software Easter eggs come around in each software version upgrade, there’s still a basket full of classics we love. Here is a roundup of our favourite Veco™ property software Easter eggs and a chance for you to win a Virgin Experience Day!

10. Customisable forms
You can customise property and contact forms to hide fields or buttons you don’t want to use or move them around into a different order.  You can also change the name or colour of field labels to highlight items you want to draw your staff’s attention to. This is especially useful for applicant or owner forms to highlight things like entering ‘source of enquiry’ or ‘buying position’.

9. Auditing tool
Did you know that we have an auditing tool that allows you to audit any field within Veco™?

Known as AuditMate™ this is a software application we developed to sit alongside Veco™.  A shortcut can be added to your desktop so you can access it in the same way you access Veco™ .

8. Clean up  duplicate contacts
When there is a situation and the same contact record has been added and there is information contained on both you require to keep you can merge these records together retaining all information.

7. Quick records view
Although not widely demonstrated at the outset, delegates attending follow-up training sessions like the ability to view the last 10 records under the ‘file’ menu.

The response is usually ‘forgot you had that, that’s quite handy’. The benefit of using this is that you don’t have to have so many windows open at the bottom of the screen, and thus should make navigating a bit easier.

6. Copy property function
When entering a new homes development and you require the same marketing details and the only difference being the unit number, this function will save you having to enter the details repetitively.

5. While you were out and push form messaging
We may be techies but we recognise the importance of communication! That’s why Push Forms to move records from user to user in real time and electronic post-it notes in the form of While You Were Out messaging were developed to make your day that little bit easier.

4. Visual KPI’s


Did you know you can produce visual management reports on any information in Veco™. For example by selecting applicant data by source you could see a visual of where your enquiries are coming from.

 3. Portal marketing email processing
Formatted emails received from Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, other portals or your own website with new interest on a property or general interest in your company can be automatically imported directly into Veco™ as a new contact ready for immediate inclusion in your marketing process.

2. ‘Aussie’ Veco™
Did you know that if you hold down Ctrl+Alt+Down Veco™ turns upside down. Totally amazing but useless!!

1. The secret Tetris game for lunchtime fun!
We’re not going to tell you how to get to this but hidden deep deep inside Veco™ is a version of the classic arcade game Tetris. Now don’t think we wasted our time programming this in ourselves it actually exists as a feature within programming tools we use. So if you can find it and tell us how you found it we’ll send you on a Virgin Experience Day to the value of £150.00*

*Entry is open to all recipients of the promotional email and this press release and who are residents of the United Kingdom. Employees and former employees of Eurolink Technology Ltd and their immediate families are ineligible to enter.


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