How your property software can help you during the COVID-19 pandermic?

Coronavirus Pandemic: How Your Property Management Software Can Help You Weather The Storm?

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With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the country, the social distancing measures which are now firmly in place have changed the face of the property industry and presented us all with a range of new unprecedented challenges.

It’s clear that technology plays a crucial role in ensuring we can ride the wave and weather the storm. Now more than ever, it is a time when your property management software can be used to you advantage if you know how to make it work for you.

Analyse Your Data

Changing conditions, offering challenges or benefits, make monitoring and analysing the performance of your business more important than ever.

Here are some ideas for things you can do to identify improvements and opportunities, foresee issues before they arise and minimise their impact.

  • Monitor your income streams to forecast and prepare for any changes in revenue
  • Adjust and track office and departmental goals
  • Acknowledge successes of individual team members to keep team and individual morale up
  • Predict errors in invoicing before they occur
  • Analyse historical data to find improvement opportunities for the future

This will help you unlock vital insights and find smarter ways you can work.

Automate Routine Manual Processes

As with most businesses, the Government has asked all Estate and Letting Agents to close their doors during the social distancing period. As a result, they are offering financial aid to businesses, along with an employee furlough scheme to assist with controlling spiraling costs.

A skeletal, remote team means each member has to cover more tasks often in a more distracting environment.

Use your property software to automate routine manual processes so that it can carry out tasks set by triggers and schedules without you having to do anything. For example, applicants for both sales and lettings can be sent automatic welcome emails once being registered onto the system, weekly or daily property matches or price change notifications.

Stay in touch with your team and clients

Use your property management software to keep communication channels between employees and clients open. Make sure core business processes and functions can be managed online.

  • Use group and personal messages
  • Enable online payments
  • Make the most of digital signing documents
  • Share files and documents
  • Enable tenants to request essential repairs online

Get in touch with us to discuss how to use Veco to its full capacity and how our Client Portal, Insights, Automates and mobile solution can assist you during this uncertain period.


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