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Client Feedback | June 2020

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Each month our Service Desk staff continue to provide exceptional support to our clients. Well done to our team for their continued hard work and great results. Below are just some of the excellent feedback comments they are consistently receiving

Support Desk Stats June 2020

Feedback Of The Month

Janine Kirk, Seymours Letting and Management Services, Guildford

Which Veco™ features do you value/use the most?
The ability to save notes and create a trail through work orders, letters, etc.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve experienced since using Veco™?
More streamlined and less filing.

If asked to recommend a property software system to other businesses in the industry, are you likely to recommend Veco™?

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about The Hub, our help desk, Veco by Eurolink or our IT Support Services?
The support is quick and staff are very helpful.


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