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Client Feedback | December 2020

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Each month our Service Desk staff continue to provide exceptional support to our clients. Well done to our team for their continued hard work and great results. Below are just some of the excellent feedback comments they are consistently receiving.

Feedback Of The Month

Sharon Jones FARLA MARLA

Group Lettings Executive Manager, Winkworth

Which features do you value/use the most?
The features do I value/use most are in relation to accounts processing and landlord payments.  The process is very straight forward and the accounts reports available are great, particularly the rent arrears report which make chasing the rent much easier.

What have been the greatest benefits you’ve experienced since using Veco™?
The greatest benefits of Veco™ are that it ensures all statements and documents sent to our clients are uniformed and professional.  It is easy to navigate and the reports available cover every part of the property manager tasks.

If asked to recommend a property software system to other businesses in the industry, are you likely to recommend Veco™?
I would highly recommend Veco™.

Is there anything else that you would like to comment on or say about The Hub, our help desk, Veco by Eurolink or our IT Support Services?
The support we receive is exceptional.  I find the support given to all staff invaluable.  The hub is easy to use, if necessary the help desk can remote onto our system and explain how to correct an issue which is extremely important for the accounting/reconciliation point of view.  Once a ticket is logged we generally received a call at least within the hour and most problems are resolved immediately.  Having used other software in the past, Veco™ is by far the most responsive in terms of help desk support and ease of navigation.


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