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How Much Time And Money Is Wasted On Viewing No Shows?

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On 28th October at 2AM the clocks turned back, and this was the moment that cemented the fact that Summer was over, and Winter was well on its way.  There are a number of property jobs to bear in mind at this time of year, whether you are marketing a vacant property, managing a rental […]

10 Top Tips to improve your Database Management

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  Databases are a vital ingredient for a successful agency so it’s important that yours is in tip top condition      There are numerous challenges involved in database management, particularly for established estate agency firms with large volumes of data across multiple sources. So, where should you start in building an invaluable database for […]

Interior Design Tips for 2018

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In this week’s blog we thought we would bring you up to date with what the current interior design trends are. At Eurolink Veco™, prop tech is our forte but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about fashion and style (DON’T LAUGH!). Below you will find a short list of styles […]

Reviewing Your Fees

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This week’s blog brings you some helpful tips on how to review your fees.   Review alignment with your business values A great place to start your review is by ensuring that your fee structure is aligned to your business values, as this will help you to build client trust. For example, there’s no point […]

10 Top Tips For ‘Traditional’ Agents

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With all the debate surrounding online estate agencies, Director Richard Murray of leading Veco™ property software provider Eurolink warns: “The screws are tightening and ‘traditional’ estate agents need to be alert to the threat of the new competition and even more so retain control of costs in the face of emerging disruptive innovation.” Richard continues: […]

Top five tips for reviewing your cost base

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Reviewing your cost base is something that you should always look at doing as a business. In this week’s blog we offer up 5 helpful tips for reviewing your cost base.  Identify all business costs This may sound obvious, but it’s staggering just how many costs can creep into your cost base, escalate or, worse […]

The Referencing Process

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It’s common knowledge that creating a tenancy is done so by putting in place a contract, in most cases a written one rather than verbal. From there the Landlord and Tenant relationship is based on trust that both parties would fulfil the obligations outlined within it. Specified in another contract, namely the ‘Terms of Conditions’ […]

The importance of Property Management

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At times, the ongoing focus on attracting and converting new business can outweigh the appreciation that the supporting departments of your Lettings Agency are vitally important. The market moves incredibly fast and it can often be easy to forget that the most valuable element of the service you offer lays with your current client base. […]

Why customer service is so important

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Customer service is a vital part of any business and that’s especially the case for Eurolink. It’s so important to Eurolink that we have a whole team of Client Relationship Managers (CRMs) to make sure our clients are constantly looked after. Before looking into reasons why customer service is important, what actually is it? You […]

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