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Can You Save Money On Your Branch Energy Bills?

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Have you compared energy quotes in the last 12 months? If you haven’t, chances are that you’re paying too much for your energy. To keep your costs down, you should be reviewing your business energy supplier regularly. Small businesses usually have a bad deal when it comes to business energy. One of the reasons why […]

Why Going Paperless Protects And Profits Your Agency

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In this 3-minute read, we look at how ditching paper and going digital can protect your agency’s reputation and boost its profits. Cast your minds back ten or so years ago. Back then, we were all told the offices of the future would be proudly paperless. And while digitalisation has marched relentlessly into everyday working […]

How To Build A Brilliant Lettings Agency

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In this 3-minute read, we share the seven fundamental factors that go towards creating a brilliant lettings agency. “It didn’t happen by accident.” Those words came from the late billionaire Ingvar Kamprad, the legendary founder of Swedish furniture behemoths IKEA. Kamprad was responding to a question he was asked during an interview with the press. […]

Are ‘Unquality Things’ Costing You Money?

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Taking a Look at the Importance of Data Quality Our industry is about people and property and bringing the two together; this is what we know and understand – ‘We are not data scientists’. Recently there has been so much focus on the importance of data, maybe it’s time we took a look at why […]

What Steps Have You Taken to Ensure the Safety of Your Staff?

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Having been an estate agent in a past life, I know all too well how certain client facing situations can leave you feeling somewhat concerned for your safety, both in and out of the office. Recent articles and key dates relating to the Suzy Lamplugh case have reignited the need to ensure safety at work […]

What is a Property MOT?

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As discussed at this year’s ARLA Propertymark conference by Dr Julie Rugg, a ‘Property MOT’  would be a series of checks to give tenants confidence before they sign a tenancy that the property is fit for purpose, and that standards won’t lapse in the future, while for landlords, it offers greater clarity and protection against […]

The Importance of Maintaining Your Fee Level

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Since the beginning of 2019 the property market has been much slower across London and the South of England, with many agencies fighting for stock and being tempted to reduce their sales fees, in order to compete with online agencies. At the end of 2018 research by property portal Okaylah showed estate agency fees at […]

Property Management Tips: Reducing End of Tenancy Issues

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According to a recent industry report carried out by Homelet, end of tenancy issues are broken down into the following categories: Damage to Property: 42% Cleanliness: 31% Rent arrears: 24% Garden condition: 3% We saw this in the Homelet magazine, an article entitled Landlord Survey 2018 and you can view their most recently published stats […]

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