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Blog by Dan Anslow, Head of Product & Delivery, Veco™ Over the last decade, there has been a quiet revolution in location data.  Various tech innovators have developed platforms offering hundreds of data points, sourced from official and trusted providers, from title plans and EPCs to school information and planning history for all UK properties.  […]


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Blog by Richard Murray, CEO of Veco™ The concept of the ‘metaverse’ has attracted much press interest of late, covering the emerging appetite for metaverse investment opportunities, a recent virtual land boom, or where crypto, gaming and capitalism collide. The term ‘metaverse’, which comes from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel ‘Snow Crash,’ is used […]

How will Artificial Intelligence impact property agents?

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By Richard Murray, CEO of Veco and Matt Chubb, CTO of Razor AI is already an unstoppable force in the UK economy, with recent research from Tech Nation showing that there are 1,200 AI companies, with a collective turnover of $2bn in 2021 – a 600% increase in the number of firms in the last […]

Veco aids Lone Workers

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Veco has introduced a new feature, a ‘Help’ message for lone working agents when they are in a situation such as a viewing and are facing potential serious issues.   The new feature, which is integrated into the Veco™ mobile app “Connect”, has been introduced to improve the safety of lone workers. Veco has included […]

What is the future of Voice Search?

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The voice search revolution is dramatically altering how consumers engage with businesses and is going to transform the work of property professionals, as profoundly as email, online advertising and digital document management has already done.  People constantly use their phones to look for locations around them at any given time and voice search is becoming […]

Avoiding The Pain Of Void Periods

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Property management gets a bad rap sometimes as being full off of administrative tasks that can often be fairly low-value and repetitive, but none the less vitally important and cannot be avoided. One of the grey areas of property management has always been void periods. Landlords hate them and would rather that they didn’t exist […]

The Future Of Search Has Found Its Voice

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It is hard to believe that it is ten years since Apple unveiled its digital assistant ‘Siri’ in October of 2011. Since then the virtual digital assistance space has evolved and become more sophisticated. There is hardly an essential household electronic ‘smart’ device that does not integrate this sort of functionality. Whether your personal favourite […]

Unlocking the value in your data

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2021 has been a fast moving year for the property market, and none more so for the technology that drives that market behind the scenes. With that frantic movement has been some very interesting developments in the portal space, which has led to a wider discussion about data. After all, the portals are reliant on […]

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