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How Much Time And Money Is Wasted On Viewing No Shows?

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Did You Know These Multi-Billion Dollar Companies Started In A Garage?

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Do you think you need a corporate office to start a business? Think again. Some of the largest and most successful companies around started in the unlikeliest of places – someone’s garage. These humble beginnings teach us that the most amazing ideas have no boundaries. From small, rented garages to multibillion-dollar companies, anyone who’s passionate […]

How Can The Business Trends Emerging From COVID-19 Benefit Your Business?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered life for everyone, as social distancing and stay-at-home rules have changed the way we do business. Technology is playing a crucial role in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines. It is helping reduce the spread of coronavirus while keeping businesses open. While much of the […]

The Future of Voice Search In The Property Industry

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How Estate Agents Can Expand Their Reach By Using The Veco by Eurolink Property Search via Amazon Alexa You wake up in the morning and ask Amazon Alexa to start your day by updating you with the weather forecast, the traffic on your commute and the most important news from the last 24 hours. You […]

The Benefits Artificial Intelligence Can Bring To Business

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Talk of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere these day and as a technology business, we are often exposed to all sorts of different discussions about the subject. In this week’s blog we’re going to take a look at AI and the benefits that it can bring to a business.AI can be defined as the simulation […]

Focus on creating ‘next practice’ not ‘best practice’ through innovation

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In an increasingly competitive property market, most lettings and estate agents benchmark against their traditional and online rivals to portray a ‘best practice’ message spending tens of thousands of pounds on marketing their brand, promoting their services and transforming high street offices into dazzling showrooms displaying their clients homes. Whilst all of this maybe of […]

Innovation at the core of latest Veco™ software release

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Eurolink developer of Veco™ the leading property software designed exclusively for estate agents and property managers today announced Veco™, the latest version of its software, offering enhanced design and usability and several new feature sets. This is the latest periodical approved version release, delivering client influenced software enhancements, new features developed by Eurolink analysts […]