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Benefit From 30%+ Reduction In Tenant Inbound Calls When Integrating Veco™ With Fixflo

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Our integration with Fixflo, the market leading repairs and maintenance software, enabled us to realise end-to-end reporting and communications across the entire work orders process for Veco. For nearly 5 years, Veco Partners have been able to manage reactive repairs and proactive maintenance tasks seamlessly on Veco through our integration with Fixflo. We’ve recently observed a 30% to 40% reduction in inbound call volume in repair requests experienced by Veco clients that are using the integration*.

Through Fixflo’s multilingual repair reporting portal (localised in over 40 languages), tenants can submit detailed repair requests with the option to add supporting photos or video. It then notifies property managers, files the requests under the correct property file on Veco, and can even trigger contractors quotes and call outs automatically. For simple repairs, especially those falling under the tenant’s responsibility, Fixflo presents easy-to-follow instructions to carry out the fixes themselves. From tips about the right detergents for their mildew problem to an engineer’s video guide on how to bleed a boiler, Fixflo gives tenants immediate responses to their repair issues. The team behind this white label, highly customisable tool are also kept up-to-date with the latest legislation, making sure their users stay compliant in a time where the laws and regulations governing property professionals are ever-changing. 

Starting your free two-week trial and testing the Veco-Fixflo integration is easy. View the instructions and start your free trial here

At Linley & Simpson we find the Fixflo integration to Veco™ very useful – it provides an auto upload direct onto our repairs grid, it’s quicker and saves duplication. It allows us direct access to the information, to prioritise the repairs and provides the information alongside photos and videos, which then allows us to give a greater overview of the repair to the landlord straight away.” Luke Gibson, Head of Property Maintenance at Linley & Simpson

Richard Murray, CEO of Veco™ by Eurolink, spoke about our integration with Fixflo in this short video:


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