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Avoiding The Pain Of Void Periods

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Property management gets a bad rap sometimes as being full off of administrative tasks that can often be fairly low-value and repetitive, but none the less vitally important and cannot be avoided.

One of the grey areas of property management has always been void periods. Landlords hate them and would rather that they didn’t exist and property managers technically aren’t being paid to look after properties that are empty and not generating income for either the landlord or the agent.

Wherever you may stand on the issue of how void periods should be accounted for and managed, Veco by Eurolink now supports a process that takes the pain out of the administration that often is involved in this period of time.

Voidlink is a third party void management service powered by Veco. Using Voidlink, notifications to local authorities, utility companies for both move-ins and move-outs are fully automated. For the duration of the void period, Voidlink manages switching the utilities to Scottish Power, and the agent benefits from this by receiving a commission fee for every completed switch.

This service not only benefits Agents, Landlords and Tenants can benefit too. Your Landlord will receive a 45 day period free of standing charges and tenants are offered competitive Scottish Power tariffs or the freedom to move to a provider of their choice.

Veco is committed to supporting processes and innovations that aim to solve the more difficult and often time consuming administration processes. By handling these processes better, we can help agents to increase their income streams during these periods and hopefully reduce void times. 


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