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Automation: Survive or thrive in an uncertain property market

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In increasingly tough and competitive market conditions automation technology will achieve increased efficiency and profitability for property managers and estate agents. For customers of property management and estate agents automation will expedite delivery of core services more efficiently, accurately and cost-effectively.

Property managers and estate agents across the UK are experiencing mounting pressure on performance and profit to stay relevant in today’s highly competitive business climate. The introduction of new granular levels of automation opens up even greater opportunities to optimise operations, reduce costs, increase flexibility and free up staff to focus on service to home movers.

Leading proptech software services provider Eurolink is again highlighting to its property management and estate agency clients the benefits of investing in business process automation software.

Eurolink works in consultation to help its clients explore the potential of automating business processes to enable them to execute key operations more effectively, more securely and with greater agility.


“There’s no questioning the value of automation in improving core business processes and in uncertain times could mean the difference between survive or thrive,” said Nigel Poole, Eurolink Managing Director.

“In business we all despise those repetitive manual processes which although are necessary are a drain on resources which could otherwise be utilised for better return. From client accounts to marketing; automation can be used to the advantage of all property management and estate agency departments.

“We are committed to giving our property management and estate agency clients best-of-breed services for business process delivery and believe that Veco™ automation can bring an extra edge to ensuring their success. Our approach is to consult with clients to bring the benefits of specialist skills and technology to bear on our clients’ business challenges. We’re keen to bring Veco™ automation to more of our clients to help them keep ahead of their competitors.”


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