7 little known features of our Veco™ property software

8th January 2019

Technology has transformed the way we work, and nowhere is that more true than in the Property Management and Estate Agency industry. Property managers and estate agents have been using technology from Eurolink for years. Like other technology systems, our software is constantly changing and improving. The property management and estate agency software you use today likely bears very little resemblance to what you were using 10, or even five, years ago.

Today’s PropTech is more robust than in the past. From marketing and automation tools to rent collection features, a robust property management and estate agency platform will now handle most of your daily business tasks. That all sounds great, until you realise that with robust tools comes complexity. Do you even know all the tools and functionality your property management and estate agency software has? Are you using the software in the best possible way?

With large systems like Veco™ software, it’s hard to take advantage of every feature and functionality. As a result, many property managers and estate agents could get a lot more out of their systems with only a few minor adjustments. Those adjustments could pay off in major resource savings, including time and money that you could put to better use delivering value to your property management and estate agency clients.

To take maximum advantage of your Veco™ software and save your property management or estate agency time and money every day, use these seven little known features.

1. Quick property photo view.
Right click on a property record via the marketing grid and view the photos for the property without having to double click, open the record and then the photos tab.

2. Quick date range display.
In any calendar view click on the month (e.g. November 2016) it will display a yearly view of months and click again it will display previous years. Useful for looking at previous stats a property record you’ve previously had dealings with.

3. Show Help documents.
Click on Help then Help Documents and view your own company help documents in PDF format here.

4. Right click is king!
Right click on active applicants or properties to an array of quick access options such as booking a viewing, add an offer and new email messages.

5. Quick records view.
Although not widely demonstrated at the outset, delegates attending follow-up training sessions like the ability to view the last 10 records under the ‘file’ menu. The response is usually ‘forgot you had that, that’s quite handy’. The benefit of using this is that you don’t have to have so many windows open at the bottom of the screen, and thus should make navigating a bit easier.

6. Copy property function.
When entering a new homes development and you require the same details or for a block and the only difference being the unit number, this function will save you having to enter the details repetitively.

7. While you were out and push form messaging.
We may be techies but we recognise the importance of communication! That’s why Push Forms to move records from user to user in real time and electronic post-it notes in the form of While You Were Out messaging were developed to make your day that little bit easier.


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